I think back to the days when my husband and I first met - when I would stare at his face admiringly for hours and hours. I recall wanting to spend every waking second with him and just cuddling...

Star Gazing

My husband is a little obsessed with stars. Stars of Betelgeuse and North fame, not Bullock and Clooney. I don’t think he knows very much about them, he just likes to look at them. Last year we vacationed at...

A New Take On Dating

My birthday was last month.  My husband asked my Mom to take the boys for us and he took me across the border for a weekend away in Montreal.  He booked a hotel for one night and then said...
Before I became a parent, I heard on more than one occasion how difficult it was to maintain friendships once you have children.  You would watch in TV shows or hear from others that the last thing you feel...

Married to an MBA

When my husband first applied for an MBA program, we had just moved to Seattle, were newly married and childless.  He was elated when he was accepted and they made sure to pursue him hard and lure him with...

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In + Around Vermont

Ultimate Summer Fun for Kids in Milton, Vermont

When we moved to Milton, everyone seemed to have an opinion about the town. Many implied that the town was not pretty, safe, or...