Christin Pounds

Christin Pounds
Christin is a contributing writer for BurlingtonVT Moms Blog. Her family moved here in 2010 and the roots are spreading strong. She spends her days trying to entertain and inspire her three little ones, Jude, Wren and Skye, who are whirling dervishes and thankfully very easily inspired. Her family is happiest outdoors. They bike, hike, camp, kayak, canoe, snowshoe, whatever.

Summer Reading

It's almost summer, and you may be thinking of things like vacation, gardening, flip flops, or increased burglaries... or summer reading?  You have probably dusted off your window fans (if you live in Vermont),...

Unearned Belonging

She's almost five and this is her first thing. The ballet clothes I bought last year have smudges and picks and are starting to stretch against her long body, which won't be held back by...

Better Than Best

Sometimes I can't turn it off. The hum in my head keeps swift tempo with an ever changing list of do's and don'ts, subtly morphing philosophies, absolutes, critical warnings, and mothers who are jealous for...

The First Hurt

I see him sitting under the playground structure. Let's go, buddy. He looks at me and doesn't move at first. Then, as if realizing he isn't imprisoned, bolts to me and I can see...

End of Summer Reading List

This summer I had an unusual amount of time to read. I've actually never had trouble finding time to read-it's the thing that refreshes and inspires, fully entertaining, and what I go to at any...

My Anxious Child: 6 Things that Work

She doesn't like it when I leave; runs screaming after me like armed henchmen are dragging me out the door with murderous intentions. "Mommy!" she shrieks, oceans of hurt pouring down, "Bye! I'll never...

This is What I’m Doing: A Mantra for the Little Years

We came home with him and I locked myself upstairs for three days. Have your cellphone handy, I told my husband, and keep the dog away. Four days before, I packed my bag, along with all my...

Getting on the Roller Coaster: My Ride with Infertility

BurlingtonVT Moms Blog is partnering with Northeastern Reproductive Medicine to bring you our latest series titled “Lullaby Wishes: raising infertility awareness." 1 in 8 couples suffer from infertility and yet the subject is often not openly discussed and...
flat head syndrome

Helmet Head

My kids call him Helmet Head. It's cute, really. He's almost 10 months old and the helmet is a shade of sky that accurately represents a spirit just as serene. He wears it well,...

Baby Led Weaning: The Way of the Subsequent Child

This is a thing, Baby Led Weaning (BLW) doesn't mean what you might think. Brighter and more European minds have thought this one up, and I won't try to regurgitate all the particulars. For the...

Crockpot Recipe Roundup

I've lowered my expectations, and that has made all the difference. Can't seem to get out the door in time for the school bell? No problem, we are the late people. No time for regular...

Cooking With Your Kid: Buttermilk Biscuits and Butter

I'm Southern. From Texas, Southern. My people eat things like beef, and cornbread, greens, and gravy, beef, and beef. And if you dare make a biscuit out of a cardboard box, you can forget about...

The Advent of Christmas

It's what we do anyway, without naming it anything special. Wrapping lights around poles and chopping down evergreens and paying much attention to peppermint. It's booking flights, or preparing beds, or making menus. It's noticing refugees...

On Love

I love talking about love. Love is wide blue sky simplicity, and ocean deep complexity. Love is low burning when pain comes stalking cold, and love consumes in passion, wild and white. Love is a loosening...