Crockpot Recipe Roundup


I’ve lowered my expectations, and that has made all the difference.

Can’t seem to get out the door in time for the school bell? No problem, we are the late people. No time for regular grooming rituals? Long hair, don’t care. Can’t get the kids to eat stuff? Cheaper grocery bill.

And preparing dinner?

Don’t even get me started. I remember when my firstborn started eating solid food and I was all like, “You’re telling me I have to provide 3 meals a day? Is that even reasonable?” I had never done that before. It made me feel trapped and crazy for a while, the on and onness of it.

Three kids later, I’ve cozied up to the crockpot for support-she comes through for me time and time again. Here are some tested favorites:

Balsamic Shredded Beef-I’ve made this a bunch (see a previous post here). It’s great with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.

Coconut Chicken Curry-Sometimes I need curry and only require an uncomplicated vehicle for it. Chicken is that vehicle.


Coq Au Vin-Look, this is worth the extra steps. A great version of the real thing.


Cream Cheese Potato Soup-this isn’t a slow cooker recipe, but just trust me. Throw it all in there, stirring occasionally.

Apple Date Crisp-Simple, awesome, delicious.




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