Water Wanderings Wilderness Camp Ignites Lifelong Learning and Leadership

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We have a habit of going back to what’s familiar, right? It’s natural and it helps busy parents like us save time. For example, rather than exhaustively researching summer camps and then inventing a targeted advertising campaign to convince our little change-averse children to try something new, we return to the camps we’re familiar with. Always sticking with what’s familiar stymies growth and learning. This summer, it’s time for a change.

Joyous Water Wanderings campers with arms spread wide, in front of the Green River Reservoir in Vermont.
Photo used with permission from Water Wanderings

Water Wanderings wilderness camp is a relative newcomer in the Vermont summer camp scene and it’s exactly what families need to break out of the summer camp rut. Let’s take a pause on the same tired activities and places and expose our children to something new! People grow and learn so much when they have different experiences and unique opportunities. 

Water Wanderings wilderness camp is a non-profit overnight summer camp with sessions for kids ages 9-15 and families (including children of all ages) located on the Green River Reservoir in Hyde Park, Vermont. It runs during July and it is wildly different than most local summer camps. 

Water Wanderings campers of all ages gather around food they've prepared together for a meal
Photo used with permission from Water Wanderings

Here’s why: 

  • It’s electricity-free (yes, wifi-free too and your kids WILL survive without Roblox)
  • Food and camping gear are provided (campers are expected to bring basic necessities, and a sleeping bag and life jacket, but there are a couple that can be loaned out)
  • There are no permanent buildings (there is a waterless, composting toilet)
  • Water Wanderings operates on a sliding scale based on household-adjusted gross annual income and offers financial aid
  • There’s no running water
  • Water Wanderings has a robust curriculum full of educational games, activities, and skill-building 

Water Wanderings wilderness camp is so much more than a camp. It’s more than something to occupy kids’ time when school isn’t in session.

6 campers hike down a slope covered with trees. They are surrounded by greenery.
Photo used with permission from Water Wanderings

There’s nothing routine about this wilderness experience. It’s educational: campers learn about tent camping, ecology, environmental stewardship, canoeing, swimming, sustainability, social justice, leadership, art, storytelling, and more. It’s life-changing. It’s inclusive and socially minded. It’s where lifelong friendships are formed and lasting memories are made. 

I don’t know about you, but the best times I have had and my most memorable and impactful experiences have occurred in situations like what Water Wanderings gives kids every day. Children are challenged to go beyond their comfort zones, meet new people, learn new skills, and strengthen their confidence and comfort in an unfamiliar environment. 

Even if you or your kids camp and canoe all the time, this is an entirely different experience. 

Water Wanderings wilderness camp is an undiscovered gem that will fundamentally impact your kids for the rest of their lives. We can’t expect our kids to grow and lead if we don’t give them the opportunity. Challenges, like what Water Wanderings provides, combined with their emphasis on safety and steady support, foster healthy growth and learning. 

There’s no getting lost in the crowd at Water Wanderings. Youth camps have 3 counselors and 9 campers while the family camps have 2 counselors and 10 campers. In this way, campers are taught, mentored, and guided individually and in small groups. Through the duration of the programming, campers get to know each other and build strong connections through inclusive games, participation in small crews, and regular check-ins with counselors. 

At Water Wanderings, campers sleep in tents, cook over the fire, and enjoy the simplicity of living outdoors. During the day, they swim, hike, canoe, and learn constantly. In this environment, participation isn’t optional; everyone is empowered to take care of themselves, the group, and the environment. Camp functionality relies on campers pulling their weight. Each day, campers are part of a crew that helps with a specific aspect of running camp such as cooking, dishes, or fire management. 

Camper with a giant grin cooks over an open fire.
Photo used with permission from Water Wanderings

Water Wanderings wilderness camp is a fantastic choice for children who love nature and being outdoors, and who are thoughtful, independent, and curious about the world around them. 

It’s an amazing way for kids to learn about nature and to gain skills that, while outwardly related to living in the outdoors, serve to foster independence and leadership in every setting. Campers come away with greater self-confidence and increased comfort in the outdoors. As one parent said: 

Water Wanderings wilderness camp is wonderful for children and adults who could benefit from some uninterrupted time in nature.

Both the youth camps and the family camps create a special space where people from different walks of life build connections and play together. Counselors and guest teachers provide structure and guidance, making the rigors of remote camping manageable, even for families with small children. 

Overall, Water Wanderings wilderness camp is about connections and growth, slowing down to learn from nature and people in a hands-on, experiential learning environment. 

Isn’t that what we all need? 

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Water Wanderings campers paddling a canoe

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