Jemima Talbot

Jemima is the owner of Vermont Mom. She is a feminist, a dedicated and adventurous home cook, a cut-throat Scrabble player, a barre sculpt enthusiast, and a single mom. She loves live music, playing outside- especially in the water, trying new restaurants, and pretending to be a pioneer. She has a Master's degree in Public Health and a professional background in sexual health and STDs. She is passionate about social justice and supports anti-racism work in all forms. Her August 2010 firecracker daughter is her guide, inspiration, and task-master.
Young girl wearing a football helmet and a red jersey

Meet the 8-Year-Old Who is Making Her Presence Known in Flag Football

It has been my pleasure to learn about flag football and meet young flag football dynamo, Scarlett, age 8, and her team, the Champlain Valley School District Buccaneers. After watching her play, I spent some...
Young girl with her hair all messed up from removing her football helmet, smiles at the camera

A Girl Playing Football? Meet One Who Is Dominating the Game

When you think about football, Scarlett probably isn’t the first kid who comes to mind. But this composed, polite, introspective, and easy-going 8-year-old is in her second year playing flag football with the Champlain...

Comcast Supports Home Internet Access to Bridge the Digital Divide

The idea that high-speed home Internet access is a necessity was brought to the forefront of our collective consciousness by the COVID-19 pandemic. There were periods of time when many families were stuck at...
Children running to pet the goats at New Village Farm

New Village Farm Brings the Magic of Nature to Children and Adults Alike

When you turn off of Harbor road in Shelburne onto the winding dirt path that will lead you to New Village Farm, one of the first things you’ll see is a sign that reads:...

Basin Harbor: the Vermont Family Vacation or Team Retreat of Your Dreams

We’ve all seen Dirty Dancing, right? Watching Dirty Dancing while belting out the words to every song is a summer tradition in my family. And even if you haven’t seen the movie, or heard...

Questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids Answered by Dr. Costello

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, more and more information has been shared about how to keep you and your family safe. Information is coming at us from all directions and sometimes it can be...
girls chatting while painting

Burlington Paint and Sip Saves Summer with Paint and Create Kids’ Camp!

Moms? I have a question. Did you sign your school-aged kids up for summer camp when you were still in the hospital after delivery or did you wait til you got home? Seriously, folks. Summer...
Join Vermont Mom as a Contributing Writer

Join Vermont Mom as a Contributing Writer

Are you a parent with an opinion? Want to share your expertise, passions, and thoughts with a wide audience? Take a chance and apply to write for Vermont Mom! Being a Vermont Mom Contributing Writer...

My Vermont Valentine

Valentine's Day. A lot of us have conflicted feelings about this day, right? Does any other day have the power to make so many people grit their teeth at once? My lifelong relationship with Valentine's Day...
dentist smiles at teen patient

Advanced Dentistry of Vermont Gave this Mom a New Reason to Smile

I have never been great at timing things, but this year I scored big. Know what goes great with masks? Dental work. That's how I found myself getting Invisalign from Dr. Kameron Schaberg at...
COVID info families need

COVID Info Families Need: Masks, Tests, and Where to Get Answers

In January 2020, we didn't anticipate that COVID-19 would be impacting us for years. Yet here we are, starting 2022 with several COVID vaccines, some potential treatments for COVID infection, and knowledge about how...

Our Top 15 Most Popular Posts of 2021

2021 is almost over, and let's take a moment to celebrate the passage of time. As always, it is our privilege to connect with all of you and to be a support, resource, and...
Image of characters from Sing 2 in an ad for Xfinity Rewards

Check Out the New, Free Xfinity Rewards Program and Watch Sing 2!

I have been waiting with bated breath for months and months for Sing 2 to be released. I am simply so excited about this movie! I tell people that my daughter wants to see it,...
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The Vermont Mom Amazon Store for all of Your Gifting Needs

Vermont Mom believes in shopping local. We ARE local, written and run by Vermont moms, and we want to keep our money in our state and support our local economy. We also know that...