10 Ways to Date Your Wife


What’s really funny about my inspiration to write this post is my lack of ability to accomplish the task.  Let me explain:  You see, I kinda didn’t really make it on time to my first date I asked my future wife out on.  And by “on time” I mean at all. Yep, I was , ‘that guy’.  I was the guy who asked a girl out and then slept in and forgot to show up. I could go into all the reasons why this happened (and there are some really good ones!), but what’s important to know is that  to say that my wife is a fountain of forgiving grace would be an understatement.  But she did forgive me and I finally started showing up on time. 

Then I got good at showing up on time…. then I even brought flowers… then I asked her to marry me… and she said yes!

Then we got married.  Done.  No more dating for this guy.  I was free and clear and moving on into married life.  Chapter closed.

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Then my wise friend gave me some early marriage advice: “Always date your wife.”  And I thought, “Seriously? I suck at it.  Why should I keep doing it.”  Oh how little did I know.  My friend was right on so many levels.  So hear I am now trying to impart a little wisdom that only comes with the pain of experience.

OK ready? Here’s my advice: Men, date your wives! It’s not just a good idea.  It necessary for everything good in your marriage.

So, to help you along, here’s my list of 10 Ways to Date Your Wife.

10 Ways to Date Your Wife

  1. Plan a date night. In fact, plan a night each week that is your ‘date night’.  Just like you plan your meetings or plan your work schedule or plan your home improvements… Plan a night of the week that will be hers.
  2. Bring home flowers.  Especially when she’s not expecting it.  Give it a little thought.  What’s her favorite flower?  What season is it?  What did you do last time?
  3. Write her a card and leave it for her.  Doesn’t have to be long or drawn out… and you don’t need to write a poem on the inside.  Just tell her that you love her.
  4. Make her a meal.  And by ‘a meal’, I don’t mean take-out.  I mean, you find a recipe, pick some side dishes, and make some food.  You could even do Breakfast in-bed… if your an overachiever.  And yes, you should even do the dishes afterwards too!
  5. Call her during the day.  Not when you need something or when she’s called you.  And not because you’re checking in.  But because you just wanna see how she’s doing.
  6. One word: Massage.  Hands, feet, back or neck.  It doesn’t matter.  Change it up from time to time.  And not when she’s exhausted, sick or feeling burdened.  Just randomly.  Because you want to pamper her.
  7. Read a book together.  And The Hobbit won’t cut it… for most women.  It definitely won’t help your marriage.  Go to Amazon.com, search marriage, choose a book.  You could even get two, one for each of you.  Plan an evening during the week to talk about it.
  8. Hold her hand in the car.  Its a simple one, but it reminds her she is special to you.
  9. Brush your teeth before bed.  Don’t take the evening routine for granted.  Try to impress her.  Brownie points if you floss.
  10. Tell her that you love her.  Not out of routine.  Not because she said it first.  Think (in your head… which means not out loud) of three reasons why you love her specifically and then, as you look her in the eyes, tell her that you love her.  You can never say I love you too much.

Happy Dating!


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I grew up in the New North End until my parents moved us south for medical and income reasons.  I just recently moved back into the area.  During my journeys, I met the most amazing woman and married her as quick as I could.  We now have  two kids, Nora & Maggie, and I run the Boloco on Church Street in my spare time.


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