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A Teen’s Suicidal Thoughts: I Thought About Death at 11

I was 11 when I started thinking about suicide. Don’t get me wrong, I never made a plan or tried to kill myself. But when I was 11, I thought about killing myself more...
young boy running down a suburban sidewalk in the spring

The Fallacy of the Good Mom and the Power of Apology

It was a long and difficult winter inside with a four-year-old, the shockingly bright sun offered a break in the spring rains. After a quick scroll through Instagram’s toothy, smiling Good Moms stirring empty...
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Mother’s Day Is the Saddest Day of the Year

Mother’s Day is the saddest day of the year for me. I am a motherless mother and, for me, Mother’s Day is just a reminder of that fact. Even having children of my own, who...
Navigating Childhood Grief and Anxiety: My Family's Journey

Navigating Childhood Grief and Anxiety: My Family’s Journey

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying "Be kind to others; you never know what someone else is going through." I’ve always believed in this statement, but it’s never been as pertinent to me as...
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Farmhouse Easter Egg Garland: Trendy DIY Easter Decoration

Decorating for the seasons is something that I love doing. I feel that it makes the house feel so loved and cozy. For Easter this year, I am making a new garland to go...
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Not Candy Easter Baskets that Won’t Rot Your Teeth

There I stood, front and center of the holiday candy aisle in my friendly neighborhood Walmart. Not only was I confused about what to put in each child’s Easter basket, but I also became...
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Taking a Social Media Hiatus Helped Me Become a Better Mom

One of the BEST things I did for myself last year was taking a social media hiatus. For me, the pull of social media is strong. I blame this primarily on being a stay-at-home momma. My...

My Husband Is My Best Friend

Every Thursday, following our Pilates class, my friend and I get breakfast and talk about everything from mothering to politics, gardening, travel, and favorite brands of underwear. As one does. Today’s topic of conversation...
A list of new year's resolutions

Totally Attainable New Year’s Resolutions for 2024

There’s an immense amount of pressure to have an ambitious New Year’s resolution. If you think about it, New Year’s resolutions are nothing more than a way for us to reflect on how we...
A children's christmas book with a candy cane and a mug.

12 Children’s Christmas Books Your Family Will Love

It’s no surprise that this book-loving mama owns an extensive collection of children’s Christmas books. Some are fantastic and some are just, well, meh. The books that made it onto this list are ones...
two pictures that add nature to the holidays

3 Kid-Friendly Nature-Focused Holiday Crafts

How many times do you come home from a walk with your child and end up with a pile of nature? It can't just be me, right?!? It’s pretty common for me to find...
This image shows a baked pecan pie on a table with a tea cloth.

Our Favorite Southern Thanksgiving Pecan Pie Recipe

Every year, it amazes me how fast the holidays approach. I mean, didn’t we just start back to school yesterday?! And, what, tomorrow is Thanksgiving!?! Christmas is in a week and a half? Oh,...
A thanksgiving tablescape

Simple and Cute Thanksgiving Tablescape How-To

Are you still decorating for fall, or have you moved on to Christmas? I am a little in between, mostly because I need to paint my dining room. I still have fall out in...

6 Ways of Teaching Children about Gratitude and a Festive Pumpkin Centerpiece Craft

Preschoolers are known to be driven by the “I want it now” response which includes decreased self-control and intense, unregulated changing on a whim. Picture this... It’s a beautiful fall day and you are out shopping...