Farmhouse Easter Egg Garland: Trendy DIY Easter Decoration


Decorating for the seasons is something that I love doing. I feel that it makes the house feel so loved and cozy.

For Easter this year, I am making a new garland to go over my fireplace. This Easter Egg Garland is so super cute! I am going to pair it with some beaded garland as well, just for a little extra something. Sound off in the comments below how you like to decorate for the seasons in your house.

Crafting comes super easy to me, and I do try to remember that it isn’t always easy for others. Keeping that in mind, it is important to remember that crafts aren’t meant to be perfect, and don’t forget you can always start over. Crafting is supposed to be fun, not something you dread. My Easter Egg Garland is something that can be super easy or you can make it a little more advanced. For the advanced part, see the note below.

Here is what you will need to make the Easter Egg Garland.

  • Fabric – I chose a white ticking stripe fabric to tie in with the farmhouse theme in my house, but you can choose whatever fabric pattern that makes you happy. I used less than ½ a yard of fabric, but it will depend on how long you need to make your garland and how big your eggs are.
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue**
  • Stuffing – as much as you need to make your eggs look inflated
  • Jute twine – depends on the length you need
  • A template of an egg-shape

**You can sew the edges of the fabric together if you would like to be a little more advanced in your crafting. But for this tutorial, I am sticking with the hot glue gun.

Let’s get to crafting our Easter Egg Garland

First, you need to decide how large your eggs will be and how long a garland you need for your space. The simplest way to do that is by printing out an egg shape and using that printout to map out your garland. Do you want one egg per foot? Or one every six inches? It’s up to you. Note: you may want your eggs to be larger than normal egg size so they’re more visible.

Once you have your egg template and know how many eggs you need, you need to cut out pairs of them from your fabric. If you decide you want 10 eggs, for example, cut out twenty pieces of fabric.

egg diagram on fabric

Then you will take your fabric eggs and hot glue the edges together, leaving a space large enough (a couple of inches) to be able to push some stuffing inside. I found that it was easiest to work in sections when gluing them together.

fabric egg being glued together

To stuff the eggs, shove as much or as little stuffing inside your egg as you would like. Once the egg is stuffed, to your liking, finish hot gluing the edges together.

finished stuffed egg

Once all your eggs are complete it’s time to hot glue those pretty little eggs onto your jute string, trying to keep them as equally spaced as possible.

egg being glued onto jute string

You can add more to the garland, like wooden beads in between the eggs, to give it an even more farmhouse feel, if that’s the vibe you are going for. If you are doing a more colorful one, you can paint the wooden beads to match and it would look super cute. The wooden Happy Easter sign below is from the Target dollar spot.

I would love to see what your Easter Egg Garland looks like, so show it off to the world and tag us @VTMom on Instagram!

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Farmhouse Easter Egg Garland: Trendy DIY Easter Decoration

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Guest Writer: Sara Barrow Gilliam

A wife and mom going through it with grace and great friends! Follow Sara on Instagram @sweetsouthernloveco and check out her Etsy shop.


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