DIY Mom’s Bad Day Box: Everything You Need to Turn Your Day Around


We’ve all been there. Bad days. Sometimes, for no reason, they start as soon as we wake up. Or, maybe you had a great day, then all of a sudden you find the cap to a permanent marker laying all by itself but you have no idea where the marker is. Or you discover that the laundry that was supposed to have been switched over to the dryer was left, mouldering and unattended. Or, your peaceful but limited rest was interrupted by the telltale sounds of your pet, barfing. And now it’s morning and you can’t find the mess.

Your first reaction is stress-driven rage or anxiety, right?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could escape for a few minutes and not worry about who is watching our children or what they are doing? Or some little treat to calm us down after the kids go to bed? What if our favorite things were all in one spot, so we wouldn’t have to rummage through the house trying to find what we need?

Let me introduce you to Mom’s Bad Day Box. This DIY is super easy. All you need is a box and some of your favorite things!

An example of a Mom's Bad Day Box

For my DIY Mom’s Bad Day Box, I used the following (and most of these were purchased at our favorite store, Target!)

  • Glitter gift box
  • Paper filler
  • Small box of wine
  • Favorite chocolate snack  
  • Bath bomb
  • New socks
  • New candle

Now you are ready to complete your Mom’s Bad Day Box. Arrange the items inside the box as you wish, keeping in mind any food or liquids so they don’t spill. Feel free to put a whole bottle of wine in your box, if you need it. You will just need to find a bigger box! If you have food or beverages in your box, don’t wait too long to treat yourself because you don’t want your goodies to attract bugs or go bad.

When you are finished, place your box somewhere easily accessible (we don’t want to make your bad day worse trying to figure out where you put it or needing a ladder to get it down). Also, make sure it is somewhere your kids won’t get into it – especially if you have wine in there, like I do!

Feel free to use and reuse this box as needed.

PLain wrapped mom's bad day box with a raffia bow

My Mom’s Bad Day Box cost less than $25 to make. Want to be even more frugal? Recycle an old box from a package you received in the mail and use wrapping paper to cover it. Glitter makes me happy, so for me, it was the perfect fit for this project. If I had reused a box, this project would have been under $20 for me.

Looking for some more ideas of what to put in your Mom’s Bad Day Box? Try these:

  • Stress ball
  • A favorite book
  • A new journal
  • A blend of relaxing essential oils
  • Your favorite lip balm
  • A list of your favorite quotes or verses
  • Pictures of happy memories
  • Your favorite tea
  • Face mask

It’s that simple and can take just minutes to make! What are you going to put in your box?

P.S. Mother’s Day is coming! This would make a great gift for your mom friends!

Don’t forget to share your Mom’s Bad Day Box and tag us @VTMom in the pictures because we want to see them!

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DIY Mom's Bad Day Box: Everything You Need to Turn Your Day Around

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