Claire Hanover

Claire Hanover
Claire is mom to her thrill-seeking, 2016-born prankster son, who always keeps her on her toes. Her degree and professional background are in legal and administrative practices. Claire splits her time between being the team mom, reading cheesy (and not so cheesy) romance books, trying to keep her plants alive, spoiling her dog, and enjoying anything outdoorsy. You'll find Claire on two of our podcasts, Burning for Bridgerton and But the Book Was Better. She also admins for two of the Vermont Moms’ Facebook groups. Follow her on Instagram at
young boy in a red uniform stands at bat

A Team Mom Spills the Tea on Kids’ Sports

I just signed up for my fourth year being the team mom for one of my son's sports teams. I truly love being a team mom, but that's not saying it's all picture-perfect. As...

Explicit: A Mom’s Take on Taylor Swift’s Colorful Lyrics

Taylor Swift just released a new album. Maybe you’ve heard of it? The Tortured Poets Department, or TTPD, is a testament to Taylor's immense talent and willingness to be open and vulnerable. I’ve seen...
This is a blog post about DIY moms bad day boxes

DIY Mom’s Bad Day Box: Everything You Need to Turn Your Day Around

We’ve all been there. Bad days. Sometimes, for no reason, they start as soon as we wake up. Or, maybe you had a great day, then all of a sudden you find the cap...
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Angel Gowns: How to Upcycle Your Wedding Dress

One day I was going through our guest bedroom closet and I came across this huge box that was taking up so much space. Inside this box is something that I only used once,...
A DIY No Mess Snow globe craft

DIY No Mess Snow Globe

Throughout my childhood, I found snow globes to be magical and mesmerizing. I would shake them up, set them down, and watch the snow slowly fall to the bottom again and again. This was...
ship covered in holiday lights at Shelburne Museum, Vermont

7 Places to See Holiday Lights in Vermont

Are you looking for some more holiday cheer in your life? It's dark and gloomy way too early these days so why don't you grab your hot cocoa, hop in the car, get the...
Two photos side by side. The supplies needed for the Christmas wreath craft and the finished craft.

Simple & Festive Kids’ Christmas Bow Wreaths

Crafts are an easy, thoughtful gift. That's why I love making these simple and festive Christmas bow wreaths, especially for older recipients like grandparents and great-grandparents. They are unique and come from the heart. I...
keep christmas small

Keep Christmas Simple: Fewer Gifts, More Memories

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, right? Then why do families constantly struggle with gifts, even going as far as opening new credit card accounts and going into debt to make...
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Halloween Mummy Craft: a Cute and Easy Project for Kids

I really enjoy Halloween. I love seeing everyone dressed up and their creative costumes, haunted houses, the Teal Pumpkin Project, and the fun events planned in our community. However, if you would walk into my...
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Costume on a Budget: DIY No-Sew Knight Costume for Halloween

Earlier this year, my son’s daycare had a Castles and Dragons-themed week. The kids were invited to dress up for the occasion. A few weeks prior, we happened to visit Medieval Times, and our...

KonMari with Claire: My Experience with the KonMari Method

If you missed part one of this KonMari method post, catch up here. My husband and I jumped on Marie Kondo’s bandwagon of organizing joy by spending a few late nights binge-watching Tidying Up after our toddler went...

A Mom’s Take on KonMari: The Book vs. The Series

A while ago, I saw a book repeatedly recommended in a minimalist group I’m in on Facebook. I kept reading about the book and the Konmari Method online but never jumped all in because my husband...

Ease the Back to School Transition: Lunchbox Note, Meet Pencil Box Note

I knew my new second grader was nervous about going back to school. I had to figure out a way to ease the back to school transition. I searched my house for a Sharpie...
a child sets off on a backyard scavenger hunt

Backyard Scavenger Hunt: Fun for the Whole Family!

Now that summer is upon us, it’s time to get outside! I am a huge believer that everyone needs to spend time outside. I just don’t see how spending all day on the couch...