Simple & Festive Kids’ Christmas Bow Wreaths


Crafts are an easy, thoughtful gift. That’s why I love making these simple and festive Christmas bow wreaths, especially for older recipients like grandparents and great-grandparents. They are unique and come from the heart.

I love making crafts with our son. I feel like a lot of kids these days don’t get to experience arts and crafts and they are usually pushed aside to make time for other, “productive” things.

The one thing I do not like about crafting isn’t the mess, it’s the leftover supplies. Specifically, the supplies that we’re not likely to use for any other purpose. I go through constant battles with myself where I save some things because I hate to waste, but then toss other things and live with the feeling that I’ve just wasted something perfectly good. It’s a constant fight against clutter. Anyhow, these Christmas bow wreaths don’t require a lot of extra stuff- you’ll probably have everything on hand. Thank goodness!  

I also need to explain that while I am not a fan of bows on presents, these Christmas bow wreaths are the cutest. But those big shiny crinkly bows? Ick. Throw all your reusable fabric ribbons my way, but those other cheap, paper-like bows are a hard pass for me.

Finally, if you are someone who saves bows after unwrapping presents to use them later (which is totally fine!) then this is a great recycling craft for you!

What You’ll Need for This Christmas Bow Wreath:

  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or yarn
  • All your unwanted gift bows
  • Stapler (optional)
supplies for making Christmas bow wreaths

Here are the Four Simple Steps to Assemble Your Christmas Bow Wreath:

1. Use your scissors to cut out the center of the paper plate.

2. Tie your string around the edge of the paper plate. This will be used to hang your finished wreath.

Step 1: Kids Christmas Bow Wreath

3. Stick the bows on the front of the paper plate. If your bows aren’t self-adhesive, or their stickiness has worn off, you can use the stapler to secure them to the plate.

step 2: kids Christmas bow wreath

4. Once you have your bows covering the plate, hang up the finished wreath for everyone to enjoy!

Although I didn’t let our three-year-old use the stapler for this, he was able to pick out what bows he wanted and where he wanted them. He was also able to peel the paper off of the previously unused bows to reveal the adhesive and stick them on where he wanted.

I love that this Christmas bow wreath craft uses up a bunch of leftover supplies. Literally, everything here can be from things you already have around the house! These simple wreaths can be made any size and can be used to decorate doors, gifts, or whatever you wish!

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