Shannon Ly

Shannon Ly
Shannon is the co-founder of BurlingtonVT Moms Blog. She is the wife of Michael and stay at home mom to 3 littles, Aden, Canaan, and Mae . Shannon loves traveling, listening to music and the summer crickets, and dancing with the hubs and sons in the living room. After living on the west coast for 14 years she relocated back to her homeland, with family in tow, and discovered that there truly is no place like home.

Clean Freak

I’m one of those moms who loves the precious moments with my kids.  I do, really. But I also like having a clean house. Since having my third precious moment maker, I’ve fallen behind on what...

This is 40…almost

I am almost 40.  Almost… It has been a good life, not unlike a really wonderful roller coaster ride; incredible highs, some really deep lows, lots of unexpected twists and turns.  Times that have taken...
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Pushing My Limits: Parenting My Extroverted Children

There once was a girl who liked quiet and solitude.  I’ve told you her story before.  She’s the one who married the loud socially exhausting man.  You can read more about their story here. But...
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Finding Peace in the Poo

When I found out I was pregnant with our third last summer we had more than a few people tell us that we should “get on” with potty training my then 2 year old. ...
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How to Pack for Happy Road Trips

It’s summer time, which means that a lot of families will be hitting the road.  Last summer my family went on a 3 week road trip.  This was our itinerary: Burlington, VT – Niagara Falls,...

Healing Scar: the surprising empowerment of a c-section

I’ve always defined the word “scar” as the visible mark left by a wound or injury.  But the dictionary defines it as “the mark left by a healed wound or sore.”  Do you see...
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DIY Instagram Frame

I love art!  Unfortunately I don’t have an eye for it and my tastes are pretty varied.  I also don’t have one of those houses that would display art beautifully.  You know big open rooms,...
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Jennifer Paradee Photography: Review & Giveaway

{Disclaimer: BurlingtonVT Moms Blog has partnered with Jennifer Paradee Photography for this sponsored post. While we received a form of compensation for this post, the opinions expressed are entirely my own!} Every June I schedule family...
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My Struggle With Postpartum Depression

I’ll always remember that it was purple. We received a flyer in the mail detailing the signs and symptoms of Postpartum Depression about 6 weeks after the birth of my first son.  I must have...
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DIY Crib Sheet

Here we go again, my life seems to be filled with pregnant Mommas.  Last time this happened I shared with you my easy squeezy tutorial on how to make your own Diaper Changing Pad...

My Introversion, His Extroversion

There once was a girl who loved to be alone…and silence.  She loved to have deep conversations with a small circle of friends and discuss the deep things of life.  She liked reading books...

Paternity Leave

I’m not a big sports fan.  I watch the Olympics, but not with any regularity.  I tune into the World Series, maybe every other year.  And the only reason I know that the World...

On the Hunt: A List of Egg Hunts In and Around Burlington

When Easter rolled around each year I remember my family organizing egg hunts for my cousins and I.  Oftentimes it would be outside in the warm, sunny April weather.  We’d scour the property for...

10 Lessons in Marriage

8 years ago today I walked down the aisle in the middle of a beautiful pecan grove…in Phoenix where you can walk down the aisle outside in March…towards my best friend.  The day was...