Clean Freak


I’m one of those moms who loves the precious moments with my kids.  I do, really.

But I also like having a clean house.

Since having my third precious moment maker, I’ve fallen behind on what I’d already fallen behind on. Cleaning!

I present to you two problems.

  1. Cleaning has become such a chore. I know it sounds cliché. I have good intentions of doing some things every week, or every other week, but then time gets away from me and I find myself trying to cram all my cleaning into a day or two.  That is just not realistic in my life right now!  And so I clean furiously for one day and then lose steam and the ring around my tub gets darker.  Gross…I know!
  2. I will be your maid no more! To be short about it, I’m tired of doing all the dirty work when I’m not the only one making the mess.  So I’ve decided to employ my progeny.  Why?  Because they are capable human beings who need to learn responsibility.

Now because I’m anal retentive and I like order and organization I created for myself a four part cleaning schedule.  I evaluated all the cleaning I wanted to get done in my house, everything from wiping down the counters to cleaning curtains and washing windows.  Then I determined how often I wanted to accomplish said tasks and put them on Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Calendars.

Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning Schedule

I have effectively spread all cleaning tasks throughout the week, month and even the year.  I’ve been working the system for almost a month now and cleaning a little at a time has actually gotten the house clean.

And my littles, well they get the jobs like dusting or cleaning the light switches or vacuuming.  They even are in charge of their own laundry: they both have to put away their own clothes but the 7 year old has now started folding his own too.  Do you know how much time that saves me when I’m doing laundry for a 5 person household?  Here’s a little something that has helped me in this department.  The kids can do it if you let them.  It may not look like you would do it and it may not be the cleanest but if they are helping then that’s one less thing for you to do.  I’m learning to let go of the little things and it has made a world of difference.

folding laundry, vacuuming the floor, vacuum, boys doing chores

If you’d like to clean up your cleaning act here are the templates I’ve created.

Daily Cleaning Schedule      Daily Cleaning Schedule    Daily Cleaning Schedule    Daily Cleaning Schedule

You can hang them on your fridge or put them in a frame behind glass and use it like a dry erase board.

Whatever you do, I wish you organized cleaning happiness!


  1. WOW I have always thought it will be a good idea to make a cleaning schedule. I will write my kid`s names and they will know what to clean. I definitely will do this. Thank you for sharing your post! Best regards!

  2. I love the cleaning schedules. Since I have children I need to have such schedules in order to keep the house clean and organized. I am very far from being or becoming a cleaning freak as I am very busy with work, so my little secret is using the services of commercial cleaners ( once per week. They help me a lot with keeping up with the house cleaning. Thank you for sharing these tips and schedules! Greets!


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