DIY Crib Sheet


Here we go again, my life seems to be filled with pregnant Mommas.  Last time this happened I shared with you my easy squeezy tutorial on how to make your own Diaper Changing Pad Cover.  I love those things, just made a few for my sister-in-law.  But this time I’m going to give you an even easier tutorial on how to make your own crib sheets.

3 reasons why I love it so much:

  1. It’s easy!  I’m no sewing genius so if I can do it, so can you.
  2. If you do it right you can create one of these for a LOT LESS $$$ than buying one.  This one I made for only $6.50 (save up those Jo-Ann’s coupons because they can come in very handy with projects like these that require multiple yards of fabric)
  3. Because you choose the fabric you can create something completely original.

So fire up your sewing machines and follow along on this super easy tutorial.

DIY Crib Sheet pinnable image

Note:  this sheet fits a standard crib mattress (70”L x 42” W)

1.  Wash and cut your fabric.  I like using cotton but if your baby is born during the winter months there are a ton of sweet flannel patterns out there as well.  Dimensions of the fabric should be 70”L x 42”W (roughly 2 yards).

2.  Draw a 8” square in each corner of the fabric and cut them out.

Crib Sheet, crib, sheet, DIY3.  Now bring the 2 sides of a square together, right sides or the fabric facing each other and sew them together on all four corners.  I like to sew this seam twice as this is the area that will be the most stressed.  When you’re done with this step it will look something like this.

DIY, Crib sheet, crib, sheet

4.  Next, on the inside edge that’s raw fold it over ½” (or so) and iron all the way around.  Then fold it over another inch and iron a pretty slick crease again.  This just ensures that the edge won’t fray.

DIY, Crib sheet, crib, sheet

5.  Sew all the way around the edge of the crib sheet with a zig zag stitch or serger.  It doesn’t have to be pretty as this is the part that’s going under the mattress.

DIY, Crib sheet, crib, sheet

6.  Cut 4 ft of elastic into 4 equal strips.  That’s 4 pieces that are 1 foot long each (for those that are math challenged like myself).  I recommend using 3/8” elastic.  Use the free end of the elastic and feed it through the tube.

DIY, crib sheet, crib, sheet

7.  Find the center of your elastic and place the center on the corner seam.  Starting at the corner seam, stretch out your elastic while you are sewing.  And I do mean stretch it out, hold that thing as taut as you can while still maintaining control of your needle.  And once again, be sure to use a zig zag so there is some stretch in your thread.

DIY, crib sheet, crib, sheet

8.  Repeat the same process on the other half of the elastic and then repeat the process at each corner.

9.  You’re done, here’s what it should look like from the bottom and top.

DIY, crib sheet, crib, sheet, tutorial


DIY, crib sheet, crib, sheet, tutorial

Like I said, easy squeezy (done in less than an hour) and if I can do it then you can too!  The hardest part of this entire project will be finding a solid hour with no interruptions to complete.  Can’t help you with that, sorry!  Happy Sewing!



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