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Every June I schedule family photos.  My kids have just had their birthdays and spring/early summer is always a perfect time of year to have photos done.  This year I happened upon some family photos that a friend of mine had done and after doing some digging I found that they were done by Jennifer Paradee of Jennifer Paradee Photography.

family, mom, dad, 2 brothers, little brother, big brother, family photo, Jennifer Paradee Photography

man, woman, husband, wife, sitting on park bench, Jennifer Paradee Photography

I contacted Jennifer and scheduled a session for my family for mid-June.  That was the easy part.  The more difficult part, at least for me anyway, was not knowing where to have the photos done.  Jennifer was so helpful.  She immediately came up with a handful of places that she’d shot before and sent me sample pictures from each of those shoots so I could get a feel for what we could expect.  After deciding that we weren’t hip enough for the Intervale Farm we decided to go with Mallet’s Bay park right on the water.

boy, son, portrait picture, Jennifer Paradee Photography

boy, son, boy posing for picture, Jennifer Paradee Photography

Working with Jennifer was so easy, which was a relief because my youngest had woken up at 5:30 that morning and was in rare form by our 10am photo shoot.  She was an absolute pro!  While I do love me some posey posey pictures, my kids are not in the posey posey stage.  Jennifer pulled out all the stops trying to get a smile from the 2 year old: bribing them with stickers, putting stickers on her own forehead for a laugh, making silly noises and doing goofy things like pulling grass up and sprinkling it on her own head.  And in the end the only thing that elicited a genuine smile from Canaan was a good game of chase, which Jennifer obliged.

boy, son, little boy, boy running for photo, Jennifer Paradee Photography

boy, son, boy posing for picture, Jennifer Paradee Photography

Jennifer is a Vermont based photographer that specializes in photo journalism of infants, children, and families.  Her interest in photography came about when her own daughters were born.  On her website she says she has a laid-back style and likes to have fun in her sessions….this is something I can truly attest to.  Jennifer knew how to have fun with the kids, how to make them laugh which put this Mama at ease!

big brother, little brother, 2 little boys, boys posing for picture, Jennifer Paradee Photography

little boy, mother, woman, son, little boy kissing mom, Jennifer Paradee Photography

Here’s a sweet little side story about my time with Jennifer.

I originally set my session for mid-June.  This was before we went away on a 3 week vacation, I had gotten the kids haircuts, my hair had recently been colored so no roots were showing, etc, etc.  June never worked out for us.  The weather never cooperated on the original date or any of the other dates we set which was making me a frenzied mess.  In the end we shelved the session and agreed I would contact her when I got back from vacation (Which was mid-July and after 6 weeks of root grow out.  Like anyone would believe that I was THAT color blonde.  Ha!).  Our new session was scheduled for early August.  Hindsight being what it is, I’m glad all of my plans were thwarted for that early June session.

Because if we had, we’d never be able to share this very special photo with you. 

mother, father, big brother, little brother, 2 sons, man, woman, birth announcement, family photo, Jennifer Paradee Photography

I highly recommend Jennifer as a photographer.  We had such a wonderful time working with her.  If you’re in need of some photos then you’re in luck!  Jennifer is giving away a family photo session with her.  Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win and capture your own memories.

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  1. I always take our pictures, and hardly have any ones with me in them. Would love to have some professional ones done. I have a six year old son and he’s growing up fast. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. I would love love love a photo shoot with my family this fall. Always being the one behind the camera it is so nice to have the opportunity to capture all of us together. Definitely somewhere near the lake during foliage 🙂

  3. We would love our family pictures somewhere overlooking the lake. Actually – who cares where – I would just love a family photo 🙂

  4. We have been kicking around the idea of a shoot at maybe Shelburne Farms, Indian Brook or Mills Riverside park. But, in our own backyard would be great too.

  5. Our family just grew by one and it would be amazing to capture this time with photographs. It would be great to take the pictures outside on a farm among the trees.

  6. I would love to win a photo shoot for my family! Our son is about to turn two and we’d love photos to capture this very fun and energized age!


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