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When we were contacted by Burlington Barre to do a review of their classes I was thrilled!  I was imagining the ballet barre in my hand, my pointed toes, working my turn out, lengthening through my core.  I went to my first class and about 5 minutes into the workout I was desperately trying to hold onto that image because it was slowly blurring from the burning pain I was experiencing in my triceps…and then quads, hamstrings, glutes, tummy, arms again and then glutes…again.

If you haven’t heard of Burlington Barre you have got to check them out.

As the first Barre studio in the city, Burlington Barre offers a workout like none other.  It is located in the newly renovated Studio 208 on Flynn Avenue in the south end of Burlington.  Studio owner, Kathy Brunette, has more certifications under her belt than I ever thought possible.  She has dedicated the last 20 years to educating herself in the areas of personal training, Pilates, and now BarSculpt.  And she has an absolutely beautiful studio to inspire you to new levels of sweat.

BarSculpt is a 55 minute, non-impact workout that brings together disciplines of Pilates, sports conditioning, and ballet.  Each muscle group is targeted through intense isometric movements followed by dance inspired elongating stretches.  BarSculpt will lift your seat, flatten your abs and tone your arms.  This workout will change your body in a matter of weeks, the more you go the more you change.

Ok, so back to my class…

Granted I haven’t been conditioning myself as a dancer or a Pilates junkie since…well it’s been awhile.  But I thought I had this class in the bag.  You know that whole thing about muscle memory and all.  Apparently my muscles have no memory.  The workout kicked my butt, and every other part of my body.  BarSculpt targets a single muscle group at a time with small isolated movements.  So you work your biceps and you do 20 reps, then a slightly different move same muscle for 20, then combine the 2 for another 20.  That’s a minimum of 60 reps on one muscle and a very high burn!  And in the middle of it all, while you think you can’t take another second, your teacher yells out “Nice shaking ladies” (because you are) and you remember that this shaking will save you from bingo arms and secretary spread (sorry, those come from my old clients, personal favorites).

Check out my awesome form!

Burlington Barre is a place where women can come and feel strong!  They offer a variety of different level classes, several different times a day, EVERY.DAY.  There is sure to be a level for everyone and a time to fit most everyone’s busy schedules.  And I heard that with the new studio expansion they have added new teachers, new classes, new times, and pre & post natal BarSculpt is on the way as well.  See…something for everyone.

If you’re looking for something engaging, physically challenging, and quite frankly, fun then you’ve got to try BarSculpt at Burlington Barre.  It’s a workout like none other and will have you burning for days.  Want some more incentive to try them out, how about a free 3 class card?!?!  That’s right, Burlington Barre is giving away a 3 Class Card to one lucky BVTMB reader.  Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win. 

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  1. I have been wanting to try Barre for several years I just haven’t made the trek out yet. I will definitely have to make the drive out there.


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