Three Tips for Becoming More Consistent


Welcome to fall!

This time of year is often the start of new schedules and new routines.  We find ourselves wondering what happened to the summer, and marveling at how long it’s been since we’ve been to the gym!  Staying consistent can be tricky, can’t it?

The truth is that no one can motivate you to get your daily workout done better than you can. You have to focus on your fitness goals and commit to changing you. There are plenty of things you have accomplished and continue to accomplish daily and you must add ‘Workout’ to that list if you plan on truly reaching your goals.

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Here are a few tips to maintaining workouts as a consistent part of your schedule:

1.  Determine your workout plan a week in advance:

Before each week, think about your week and all of the things you have to do. Then establish a realistic day and time you will work out and stick to it.

2.  Put it on your calender:

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Elevate your workout as a must do on your daily to-do list, right up there with brushing your teeth, eating, sleeping, and taking a shower! The more priority you place on getting your workout in the more importance it will begin to hold in your life.

3.  Stop viewing your workout as a chore or a task:

Have you ever noticed how no matter how you feel when you walk into the gym, when you finish your workout your mood is elevated? That’s called an endorphin release. In short, endorphins are a ‘treat’ from your body for making it do what it is designed to do…WORK!

Being fit doesn’t mean that you have to be at the gym 6-7 days a week. It means that you make a conscious effort to be physically active every day. Yes, everyday! Your body is designed to WORK, so don’t sell it short!


Written By:  Cate and Kendra of Artemis Fitness

CateKendraArtemisKendra Sowers and Cate MacLachlan are certified personal trainers and co-owners of Artemis Fitness in South Burlington. Artemis is an all-womens training center, founded 2 years ago with the intention of providing a gym designed to help women set and meet their fitness goals in an environment that is safe, supportive and nonjudgmental.

For more information on Artemis Fitness or Cate and Kendra, please click here:



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