The Quesadogga…a recipe


Lately I have been feeling left out of the Pinterest world.  More specifically, I have felt a tad jealous of all my blogging sisters and their incredibly creative and yummy creations.  You know, I’m an excellent cook, a mediocre baker and a darn good eater. Why can’t I be pinned once in awhile? To answer my own question, it’s because I don’t come up with original recipes. I could share with you my favorite recipe for salted brown butter rice krispie treats, but in reality it would not be MY recipe. I’d be committing food plagiarism. And frankly, there’s a lot of that out there. Ok, once in awhile I brush off the cobwebs and use my well-educated brain to invent a new dish, but most times, I’m just really good at following a recipe.

But last week, the clouds parted, the heavens shined down upon me and a recipe was born: THE QUESADOGGA. Look, I didn’t say it was going to be a high-class, Ina Garten approved recipe. And I’m not going to show you some picture that makes it look gorgeous, much like the food porn we see these days.  But you know sometimes you just wanna eat dirty. You wanna throw away the organic olive oil…you wanna fetter the whole wheat cooking flour…and for the love of gawd, that self-satisfied quinoa needs to be tossed. And my friends this is where The Quesadogga enters. It’s a hot dog wrapped in a quesadilla. Just stop it, don’t roll your eyes at me…you know you have a weak spot for junk, and just once in awhile you want your food to talk dirty to you. And my vegetarian friends, don’t close the page yet. I used to be a vegetarian, I know the virtues of a Tofu Pup.

If you recall, I am training for the NYC marathon, and oh, yeah, still nursing my 1 year old (stay tuned for another post on how the h*ll I’m supposed to wean this little remora of a daughter).  So as you can imagine I’m famished most of the day. With what little time I have, I am often shoving a granola bar, piece of cheese, or cheerios from the floor after my daughter has tossed them off her high-chair. Dinner at my house are a sight to be seen. I am so involved in shoveling food into my pie-hole that I often fail to realize when the entire table has become silent and my husband, son, and daughter all stare at me with a look of shock and awe at the rate in which I’m scooping food into my mouth. Suffice it to say, I need to eat more.

After a long run the other day I was hungry. We had cheese, tortillas, and one left over hot dog in the fridge. Here follows the recipe for a junk food delight that will change your life. Oh, and please pin this if you like it. I’m hungry for some Pinterest publicity.

1 Small Flour Tortilla
¼ cup sharp cheddar cheese, shredded
1 hot dog, tofu pup, encased meat or meat-like product
hot sauce (optional—but really, you should use some)

You’re going to want to warm a hot pan on the stove and get to cutting the cheese (huh, huh, get it, cut the cheese?) Shred up enough to make a proper quesadilla. Like my picture below? Just a normal picture: shredded cheese, sippy cup and beer. The essentials.


Put the tortilla on a hot pan and flip after 20 seconds. Once flipped, sprinkle on your cheese and let it melt slowly.


Fold over one side of the tortilla and voila, you have a quesadilla. I can’t believe I just gave you instructions on how to make a quesadilla.


Anyhow, take one cooked hot dog and cut it in half, see picture. Please note, use a cooked hot dog. We don’t need a case of listeria going around, so just cook your dog before.


Put your dog on the quesadilla, add some hot sauce, and there you have it…. Eat and enjoy.


This is what Ruby looked like while she watched me eat my quesadogga. Shock and awe I tell you!


Oh and if you really just want to go for the gold, finish off your meal with a bowl of lucky charms.



Because if you’re going to go all the way, you really should just go all the way with your dirty food habit. Happy Friday! 



  1. Gheesh, Heather. you outdo yourself!! I will always have the fixin’s on hand should you get the urge. Uh.. except for the lucky charms. wouldn’t want to upset Ruby!

  2. LOVE THIS. So funny. Thank you for saying something about quinoa, people should know. This is something that I will eat, along with my pickle wrapped in ham and cream cheese. I like things wrapped up all cozy.


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