Stephanie’s Mommy Makeover


As you know we did a Mommy Makeover a week ago!  We were fortunate enough to send one lucky lady to Tootsies for some spa treatments, to Ecco to do a little shopping, to Indigo Salon for hair and makeup and to Boloco and Nika for lunch and dinner.  Here is a recap of our winner’s special day!

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I’m a working mom of one.  I live in South Burlington with my husband, Adam, and our son, Aidan.  I work in accounting at Planned Parenthood and teach Baby Basics at Beginnings once a month.  We just bought a new-to-us house a couple of months ago and the home improvement project list is a mile long!  Aidan just turned 1 in August and is a super busy toddler!!  My husband just started a new teaching job in a new school with a new grade and new subjects!  I’m attempting to be part of a book club in our neighborhood and have enjoyed crafts in the past.  The most I’ve done since Aidan was born has been jewelry for a bride and her girls.  But reading, knitting, beading and scrapbooking are all on my favorite hobbies list.

I was SO excited when I got the email that I won the Mommy Makeover!  I wasn’t sure whether I was more excited about spa time at Tootsies or my first professional haircut in 3 years!



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Steph hadn’t been in Tootsies since they had moved to Battery St. but immediately loved the space!  On a side note Steph had part of her bachelorette party at the Tootsies old space back in the day!  Kirstin was her skin specialist and brought Steph to a warm, calm, dimly lit room.  She asked about her skin and if there was anything specific she wanted to address.  Tootsies recently started offering facials using the REN Skincare Line and Steph was one of the first to receive one.  Kirstin explained the details of the facial as she worked.  It began with a double-cleansing; the first to remove dirt, makeup, toxins, etc., the second was an exfoliation cleanse to slough off the dead skin.  Next Kirstin applied a glycolic lactic asid mask to help her skin look radiant.  And what’s one thing every mama wants but doesn’t get enough of?  Peace and quiet!  Steph was able to lay in blissful quiet with a steamer aimed at my face for a full 10 minutes while the mask did its magic. Once the mask came off Kirstin applied a serum and some eye cream then gave Steph a lovely arm/hand/shoulder/face massage making her skin feel smooth and clear!

Next up was a deluxe spa manicure performed by Sheryl.  Sheryl started by soaking Stephanie’s hands in almond milk and then clearing her hands of dry skin with a delicious smelling almond sugar scrub.  She then gave her an almond cuticle treatment and sealed all that moisture in with a paraffin wax dip.   Did you know that Tootsies has their own exclusive line of “Relationship Status” nail colors?  Steph chose a pretty pink polish called “You hang up first”.  You gotta love a good catchy nail color name!


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Stephanie worked with Emma at Ecco to find something special for her dinner out!  As Steph put it, “Emma was adorable and super helpful”.  With so many wonderful things to choose from Steph narrowed it down to a pair of jeans, an adorable dress, and a “swoopy” top.  She chose the top!


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After her shopping adventure Steph walked across Church Street to Boloco, where she happened to run into BVTMB’s Nissa Sutphen and her family enjoying lunch as well!  With so many globally inspired burritos on the menu Steph decided on the Chicken Caesar burrito, chips, yummy fresh guacamole and a chocolate cookie.  Just the perfect treat to top it off!  It made the people watching on Church St all the more sweet.



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With a full belly Stephanie walked her way back down to Battery St for her final stop at Indigo Salon.  Nicole, one of Indigo’s newer stylists, took care of Steph for the rest of the day.  She’s adorable and really sweet…that’s from Steph as well as myself (Shannon).  They talked about what to do with Steph’s hair – highlights and layers!  Nicole said that Steph came in with her own natural hair color and no dimension to her cut.  To remedy that issue, she put blond highlights throughout Steph’s hair and gave her a slight A-Line cut, about 2 inches shorter in the back and angled towards the front.  Nicole did a fantastic job transforming Steph’s hair into the vibrant blond, bobbed goddess you see in these pictures.




After all the snipping and styling was done, they ventured out into the front room of Indigo and Nicole applied a very natural make-up palette.  Nothing too over the top but enough to boost all of the natural loveliness that every woman possesses.




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Stephanie’s husband met up with her to go out on their date.  It was their first time eating at Nika.  They enjoyed splitting a couple of appetizers (mushroom arancini and sweet and sour poultry wings – one of their specials that day).  For the main dish they dined on the caprese white pie pizza (delicious!), as was some pino grigio to go with it!  For desert they were served warm chocolate cake with salted caramel ice cream for Adam and a vanilla-honey crème brulee for Steph (fantastic!).  A really perfect way to finish up a day of pampering.

photo 2 (2)

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{As told from Amy’s perspective}

I met Stephanie at Indigo just in time to watch her highlights go in.  She described her day so far and it sounded like heaven!  As you can imagine, I was envious of all that time to relax and unwind and be pampered.  The results of her appointment at the salon were amazing.  Her hair looked natural and healthy and her skin was glowing.  It was so much fun getting to know her and watching the results unfold.



Thank you to all of you beautiful mommas who entered.  We would love to give a makeover to everyone and although we can’t do that, stay tuned and keep reading because we’re going to have another Mommy Makeover in January.

Thank you too to Tootsies Mini Spa, Ecco, Boloco, Indigo Salon, Nika, and Amy Guidice.  We could not have done any of this without your support and partnership.  



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