Gift Worthy Kids Art: Relief Painting Tutorial.



I may have mentioned it a time or six, but I made my Christmas gifts this year. I’m sure my family’s collective “great!” was really more like “great“. But still, I enjoyed it so much and knew I had done something good for myself when I went to the mall a couple weeks before Christmas and dodged marketing bullets right and left. I even imposed my gift making on my kids in the form of, “you are going to make presents for the grandparents and by God, they will look like you are a baby Picasso.” It’s possible that they fell short of Picasso.

Now that the holidays are over, you may be tapped out of creative gift ideas, and well, cash. Here is a gift worthy project that your kids can do that has a lot of possibilities.


  • Something to paint on. We did canvas bags for the grandmothers and grill aprons for the grandfathers.
  • Acrylic or fabric paint and brushes
  • Double sided tape
  • Letter or shape templates

Step 1: Simply tape the back of the template, this is the area that won’t be painted, creating a sort of relief-look. You could even just use masking tape and make you own letters or images.

Step 2: Let the kids go wild painting all other parts of the item. Make sure the template is completely painted around on all edges so the image is crisp and defined when it comes off.

Step 3: Let dry then remove the template.


This would also be really cute as a monogram project, there are so many possibilities!



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