Is It August Yet?


We knew the month of July was going to be a bit “full” when we planned my son’s summer camp schedule back in early April.  And by “full” I mean 3 family trips, a business trip for my husband, summer camp, and a 20th high school reunion.  In April it all seemed doable, enjoyable even.  However, the closer it got, the more I felt like I was slowly being cranked up that steep incline on a roller coaster.  I love to travel and I love my family but I’m not a “mash it all into a short amount of time” kinda girl.  Does that make sense?  I like to spread the fun around a little more liberally but July was an EPIC “mash up” for me.  Here’s a recap of what happened right after we went over the edge on that roller coaster at the beginning of the month.

We left for Phoenix, AZ on July 3rd.  Why?  Good question indeed.  My husband is from there and let me assure you that if we did not have family there I would never go to Phoenix in the middle of July.  The one upside, however, plane tickets were exceptionally cheap!  The trip was great, despite the painful heat (118)…poor Aden, all he kept saying was “I’m hot, I’m so hot.  My face is melting, my eyes are burning.  It’s hot!”  I know son, but your Daddy comes from the 7th circle of Hell, we have to come here from time to time.  I do love being with my In-Laws though, I get to cook Cambodian food with my MIL, shop with my SIL, and go on dates with my husband because we have free babysitting.  Score!

Canaan staring at his Ama after surprising her at the airport.
Canaan staring at his Ama after surprising her at the airport.

We left on a red-eye on July 8th and I won’t tell you how Canaan is not the incredible sleeper on planes that his older brother is.  I won’t tell you how bleary eyed my husband and I were at 4am when we promised the next time we flew with this kid he’d get his own seat and a shot of Benadryl or kids Dramamine, or maybe both.

After being home for one day we pack up and turn around for my brother’s wedding in Boston.  What a wonderful 4 days spending time with family for the most joyous of occasions.  Aden made his big debut as the ring bearer and Michael officiated the wedding.  I was such the proud big sister!  The wedding was beautiful, the reception was so much fun the only downside was that Michael and I had to take turns sitting for Canaan upstairs who couldn’t make it past 7:30.  I didn’t get to dance with my husband once but I did get to dance with my son, the show stealer, with his unique take on Gangnam Style.

Still smiling at my brother's wedding mid-July
Still smiling at my brother’s wedding mid-July

We got home from Boston on Sunday afternoon and I have about 12 hours to do more laundry and re-pack my husband for a week long work trip to Seattle.  Now although I was technically here it’s just not the same when you’re going it alone.  You know what I’m talking about.  You have to be 2 parents in 1 and so the job is that much harder.  At least Aden had a week of summer camp to keep him busy.

On Saturday the 20th my husband gets back from Seattle…late.  That certainly wasn’t in my plan and at this point in the month I’m starting to get a bit edgy because of all the quick turn arounds.  But he made it home and we left 3 hours later for my 20th high school reunion.  Not to be party poopers but we left the party at like 9pm, Michael was jet lagged and I was kid lagged. 

Me & my bestie at the reunion...and the hubs of course.
Me & my bestie at the reunion…and the hubs of course.

On Sunday the 21st, after yet another all-nighter of laundry we left for a week long family vacation to Well Beach, Maine.  It was great although at times I wondered if both Michael and I would rather have been sleeping in our own bed after such a long month.  The beach was great, the water wasn’t that cold, and we even got some alone time after the kids went to bed.  But weariness was setting in and when it came time to leave on Thursday we could have chosen to stay until checkout, instead we left at 8am after we finished packing up.  Put a fork in us we were cooked…over cooked!

A good time but you can see the fatigue on everyone's faces
A good time but you can see the fatigue on everyone’s faces

I can’t tell you what happened this past weekend.  More laundry, a lot of naps, early bedtimes for everyone.  It’s just now that I feel like the roller coaster ride is ending.  I did it!  We did it!  It certainly wasn’t a month for the faint of heart…or stomach.  I feel like I mashed a whole summer’s worth of family fun time into roughly 25 days.  I hate to see summer slipping by so quickly but I sure am glad tomorrow is August.  Whew!

How was your July?  What kind of fun did you and your family get up to?  Have you ever been guilty of planning too many things too close together?


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