Friday Night Fun at Bread and Butter Farm


Remember when Friday nights were about going out? Either with friends to a movie or a party, or on a date to a fancy dinner and show?

Me, either.

While it can be easy to fall into the “what I miss about pre-parenthood” trap, I can tell you right now that my new favorite Friday night activity is so much better with kids.

Every Friday evening in the summer (weather permitting), Bread and Butter Farm puts on a Burger Night. They grill their grass-fed beef (or veggie burgers), put together some really delicious side salads, and even put on hotdogs for the kids; for entertainment there is local music, face painting, and often an activity or craft for the little ones.

It is so much fun.

Burger Night 1(Xander, modeling the cape that he made at the craft station last week)

When we go, we get there a little later than ideal, which means that the line for the food is longer and there’s a bit of a wait, but when you’re sitting out on a sunny hill overlooking this type of Vermont scenery, it’s hard to get crabby about eating your dinner later than usual.

Bread and Butter2(You just cannot beat the scenery here.)


The kids can run around free range style, and you can sit back and pour a glass of wine (it’s BYO) with some friends.

Bread and Butter3(Xander playing with his Butterfly Faced friend)


We’ve only made it to two this year, so far, mostly because of rainy weather coinciding with our plans, but really is one of my favorite things to do with the family in the summer.

If you have not been, I cannot recommend it enough. The food is great (and I’m not a burger eater, usually, at all), the location can’t be beat, and there is such a strong sense of community and togetherness that is tangible in the air.

Fair warning: bedtime will be late if you’re used to putting the kids down by 7:30 (like we are), but it’s a good trade off.

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Emily Banks
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  1. Emily…Thanks for reminding me about the Bread and Butter. We went there last year while I was still in newborn fog and it has slipped my mind this year. Thinking now that we need to make plans to go.


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