DIY Toy Trash Bags


DIY Toy Trash Bags 2

My son is fascinated, dare I say obsessed, with trucks. It’s been this way as long as I can remember. Fire trucks, dump trucks, and bucket loaders all elicit an excited squeal from the backseat. Recently, my son’s affinity for garbage trucks has really taken over. He gets a thrill on trash day seeing everyone put out their garbage cans, and then watching intently as the various garbage trucks roll through the neighborhood collecting trash and recycling from a variety of colored bins. After visiting his new preschool recently his grandfather asked him how he liked his new school. He replied enthusiastically that he loved it because they had three red dumpsters out back. Forget the fish tank and sensory bins! He’s turned his bed into a “dump” by filling it with toys and blankets. He’s even the proud owner of a toy garbage truck complete with dumpsters and trash bins.

After watching him play with his garbage truck and toy trash bins for awhile, using miscellaneous small toys as his play refuse, I thought up a little DIY craft that would further authenticate his garbage play set. Enter DIY Toy Trash Bags! They are ridiculously simple to make, and can be thrown together in minutes with items you likely already have on hand.  

DIY Toy Trash Bags

Keep in mind this craft contains materials that are small and can be harmful if swallowed.


  • Plastic grocery bags (any color)
  • Cotton balls (you could also use tissue paper, crumpled paper, kleenex, etc. )
  • Bread ties (string works, too)


  1. Use scissors to cut a square section from the plastic grocery bag. Size your square according to how small or large you want your toy trash bag.
  2. Place cottons balls or other filling in the middle of the square.
  3. Gather sides together and secure with a bread tie. Cut off excess if needed.
  4. Play away!

DIY Trash Bag Toys

My little trash and recycling enthusiast thoroughly enjoys his new play accessories, and I’m sure yours will as well!



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