Artemis “Best You” Challenge Update


A month ago we told you about Artemis Fitness “Best You” 60 Day Challenge.  Well, we are 30 days in and ready to give you an update on our progress. 

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The kickoff on January 18th was a great time to get to know Cate and Kendra a little better and hear their heart and vision for the Challenge.  It was also really wonderful to see so many women (about 35 present not counting the ones who couldn’t make it on that day) ready to challenge themselves.  We went over goals, accountability, schedules, and nutrition.  What I really love is that Cate and Kendra have really thought this Challenge through and really want you to succeed by giving you all the tools you need to do so, whether it’s classes, personal training sessions, or workshops from local specialists.  How many places do that while creating a personal relationship with you?

But then we got down to business with a fitness pretest.  It was only 4 moves, nothing too crazy, right? We had to do as many squats as we could in 1 minute, same for burpees.  Then how many push-ups and how long could we hold a plank.  This certainly wasn’t a competition between the women but more or less a measuring stick for progress.  It wasn’t pretty but I got through it and was pretty humbled.

I went home and set some realistic goals for myself for the next 60 days.  Here is what they were:

  1.  2 days a week at Artemis    2.  3rd workout a week on my own   3.  Keeping a food journal and cutting back on sweets & dairy  4.  Not focusing on numbers but how I feel and how my clothes feel throughout the process.

In the last 30 days I’ve done my best to be there 2 times a week.  The workouts are hard, I’m not gonna lie!  I’ve gone home sore almost every time but I keep going back because I need it, mentally and physically.  I’ve gotten stronger, I can lift heavier weights now (it may only be a pound or two increase but that still counts), and my endurance is longer.  I’m not sure I notice a measurable difference in my clothes yet but we’ve got 30 days left.  I’m excited for the next 30 days!


[typography font=”Satisfy” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Nissa’s 1st 30 Days:[/typography]

Well, I made it! With the first 30 days behind me, I can definitely say that I am starting to notice a difference in my workouts. They are still hard and I find myself wanting to quit half way through, but I’m also noticing that I’m also enjoying them more as my endurance increases.

On the days I workout, I sleep better (and what mom doesn’t want better sleep?!) and feel more energized during the day. I also find myself wanting to make better food choices because I’m thinking about how hard it is to burn off those calories!

When I started this challenge I didn’t want to focus on weight, but on losing inches. With this in mind, I have definitely noticed that my clothes are fitting a bit looser. But what I’ve enjoyed even more than that is finding the time each week to intentionally take care of myself for a bit. I had forgotten how important this is, and it definitely makes for a much happier momma!

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  1. Way to go ladies! Keep up the great work! One of the biggest challenges as Moms is taking time for ourselves. I’m happy to see that you are doing that.


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