Apple Recipe Roundup


If you’re anything like me, you are currently swimming in apples. It’s one of the great things about living in Vermont in the fall: there is no lack of orchards and farms to visit and fill bags and baskets with apples practically grown in your back yard.

But what to DO with them all.

AppleRecipe Collage
Well, don’t worry, I have tested many an apple recipe, and here are the ones that are approved by me and my family.

  1. Smitten Kitchen Mom’s Apple Cake: This is the best apple cake I’ve had. It is delicious. I mean, like, really, really good. I usually cut the cake into thirds and freeze portions of it so I can bring it out later on to enjoy. If you have  a bigger family, though, it probably won’t last that long.
  2. Smitten Kitchen Apple Sauce: Ok, I know, two recipes from the same site. But her recipes are awesome. This applesauce is simple and yummy, no baby required. I make this every year and serve it with something like pork roast or turkey breast, and then use leftovers in apple sauce cakes. Speaking of…
  3. Yes, her Apple Sauce Cake is worth a third mention. I swear I’m not getting paid to promote her recipes. They’re just delicious.
  4. Apple Sauce Cookies with Caramel Frosting. John doesn’t usually have a sweet tooth, but he devoured these last year. Amazing.
  5. Overnight Vanilla Bean French Toast: This is a great recipe to have ready for a special breakfast or brunch, or on a holiday. Prep it the night before then just pop it in the oven. Yummy!
  6. Overnight Slow Cooker Apple Cinnamon Steal Cut Oatmeal: It’s a mouthful, sure, but this a delicious and hearty breakfast that cooks overnight. It’s like apple pie for breakfast.
  7. Apple Pumpkin Muffins: I used to make these for playdates a lot. They’re good and healthy and popular with the under 2 set.
  8. Not a link, but if you have access to the Moosewood Cookbook, the Apple Cottage Cheese Pancakes are another great breakfast recipe.

I currently have a large bag of assorted apples in my garage, and I have big plans for at least four of these recipes in the next week alone. Bon appetit!





  1. Thank you! I literally read this and then got out my peeler. I have about 20 lbs of apples in my trunk that I have been totally uninspired to do anything with. Until now, haha. Cake and applesauce today. Thanks 🙂


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