A friendly Reminder about Mom’s Night Out



It’s here!  Tonight is Mom’s Night Out with BurlingtonVT Moms Blog!  Are you so excited?  Well, we certainly are.  It’s going to be a big night so we thought we’d remind you all of a few things before you joined us at Arts Riot tonight.  Here we go…

  1. The event starts at 7pm SHARP!  Please try to be there on time as we only have 2 hours and have a full evening of food, fun, and festivities.
  2. That being said, we want to remind you that you will have to find parking.  There are a some spaces in front of Arts Riot and in their parking lot but be prepared to find parking down the street or in an adjacent lot.  Just allow yourselves enough time to find a space and walk.  Or, you and your girlfriends can carpool together.
  3. We will be kicking off the evening at 7:15.  Please know that if you sign up for a service (hand massage, waxing, reflexology, etc.) you are responsible for being there on time for it.
  4. CASH:  As in don’t forget to bring it!  Vendors will take cash for their items, you can also purchase extra raffle tickets with cash, and we’ll have a cash bar.  We won’t be accepting credit cards.
  5. Remember that 10% of our proceeds will also go to benefiting the Ronald McDonald House.  We will also be collecting specific items that they are in need of.  If you’d like to bring something to donate (and earn yourself an extra 3 raffle tickets) you can choose from the following list:
    1. Paper towels
    2. Trash bags
    3. Hand soap
    4. Dish detergent
    5. Batteries
    6. Plastic wrap
    7. Individually packaged snacks, pudding or fruit
    8. Lunchables
    9. Travel size toiletries
    10. Paper plates
    11. Food:  peanut butter, cereal, sugar, spaghetti o’s or ravioli.

6.  Our giveaway drawings will be held at 8:45pm!  You need to be there to win.  If your number is called and you are not there we                  will pick another number.

I think that’s it ladies.  We are so looking forward to spending an evening with you.  Have a fantastic day and we’ll see you tonight!


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