Why My Husband is Superman


Yes, this may turn out to be one of those mushy blog posts – but I think I am due for one. Most of the time my husband is Clark Kent – he blends in well with others and may be seen reading a book quietly.

But I know that he also has an alter ego – SUPERMAN!


Today I was 2 minutes from work when my tire went flat. Oh no! Who do I call when I have a flat tire? The tow truck? Nope – my husband. He can leap tall buildings in a single bound – and show up at my car in 10 minutes flat (no pun intended). I was off the road and half in mud and ice. Within a half hour my car had the spare tire on and I looked over at Brian (Superman) and he was filthy from head to toe. I thanked him profusely for changing the tire and he just kept saying “No problem” and “Don’t worry about it”.

I guess that’s the point – I don’t need to worry about it because he is really handy. Here is a list of things I am grateful for that he does that I have no idea how to do:

  • Install the new dishwasher – even though the old one was hard-wired to the house and he had to make a new plug.
  • Chop down trees in the back yard to make firewood for our new wood stove.
  • Fixes the kids toys when they break them
  • Turned the baby swings from running on a battery to being able to be plugged into the walls
  • Build a castle for the kids
  • Changes tires, changes oil – basically he fixes the cars
  • Fixes the house – paints, drywall, roofing
  • Gives the best massage in town (sorry ladies – it’s true)
  • Can do voices for almost everyone on Mickey Mouse and Sesame Street

On top of all that he knows how to make the kids giggle so hard they are crying. He can play with them the only way a father can. He can also make me giggle so hard that I cry or almost pee my pants!

Thank you, Brian, for being my Superman today . . . and every day . . . I know I forget to mention it most of the time.

Brian Gabert


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