When Sickness Strikes


“Mommy my tummy hurts,” said my 4 ½ year old this past Monday morning at breakfast.

“Aden eat your waffles, you asked me to make them special and you are not allowed to watch anymore TV until you eat your waffles.”  I was used to this ploy when he wanted to get out of something so that he could get onto something better.  So he sat there and ate his waffles, most of them anyway.

“Mommy my tummy hurts,” he said again at lunch time.

“Aden eat your mac and cheese and don’t forget your cucumbers.”  He picked at it at best but this time I thought he was just dragging his heels because he didn’t want to go to pre-school.  Still I didn’t think too much of it, I’d heard this song before.

Now hold up, before you judge me, I love my child.  And I would do anything to make him feel better if indeed there was something wrong.  But two things: first, Aden has cried wolf before and so when he says he doesn’t feel good I’m a little leery.  Second, I’ve always wondered at what age a child can correctly identify a “bad” feeling inside his body and communicate it.  I was about to find out that the age in question is in fact around 4 ½.

So I send Aden off to pre-school with his Dad and I stay home to attend to my other child.  I have 2 hours of relative freedom and I intend to make the most of it.  This particular day in question I was uber productive!  I took down blinds in my living room that had been bothering me for over a year.  I stored away the rest of my maternity clothes.  I finished packing away some Christmas lights.  You can see where this is going, I was on fire and for the first time in weeks I honestly didn’t think I was going to need that afternoon nap when both my kids go down (yeah, I still take one…don’t hate on me!).

Enter Aden, now pale and weak looking.  “Aden threw up all over himself at the end of class today”, says my husband.

What the who?!  I certainly didn’t see that one coming…even though he’d been trying to tell me all morning (smack forehead with hand here).  Big time Momma Fail!

But there was no time to feel sorry for myself and wallow in my failures as a mom.  I could save that for another day (maybe the next day when I mess up this motherhood thing again).  Right now I needed to tuck my baby into bed for a nap after making sure he knew how to throw up in a bucket if need be.  And if you’re wondering can a child actually control himself and vomit into a bucket when he gets that feeling?

Yes he can!  The next time Aden threw up he hit the bucket 100%!  I was so proud I wanted to high-five him.  If of course he had the strength for that and wasn’t already wrapped around said bucket.  But I’m sorry to say that my husband’s IPad did not win the next round.

The Innocent Bystanders

My husband was a real hero that night.  The night this all went down (or up rather…sorry:)  was our first Mom’s Night Out event and I had to be there.  So Michael stayed home and somehow managed to keep 2 kids separate for the evening.  He took one for the team and now he’s paying the price.  Guess who’s sleeping in the guest room tonight with cricket legs and the chills?  Yep, that 24 hour stomach bug that took up residence in Aden is now making itself at home in my husband.

The Victim

Am I next?  Will it get to Canaan my 8 month old?  All I can do is hope and pray that it doesn’t because we mommas know that if we get sick then the whole operation falls to pot.  Oh wait a second, I forgot (slap forehead again) I’m not allowed to get sick, it’s not in my job description.  Apparently I’m delusional, maybe I am feeling a bit woozy…oh goodness, I digress.  Kids are resilient and Hubbys heal but when Mom goes down you know it’s got to be a doozy.

Tis the season for sickness.  We were lucky that it was only a 24 hour bug here in our house.  According to the Vermont Department of Health the current level of flu activity here in Vermont is widespread.  And in case you’re wondering that’s the highest level.  I’d hate to see any of you very important Moms out there get sick so please take care of yourselves.  The world is a dirty, germy place so get vaccinated and load up on the hand sanitizer! 

How are you all doing out there this season?  Any sick kiddos or partners?   And can anyone relate to their kid just letting it go at school?



  1. Jenny, congrats on not having what we’ve got. I wouldn’t wish it on any mom. And I would have to agree with you about keeping sick kids at home. When Aden spikes a fever he’s home on the couch, no ifs ands or buts. Even though it’s nothing serious it’s better to be safe than sorry and not get anyone else sick. There’s enough germs everyday for each child to do battle with. I don’t need my own child sneezing some more into the mix.

    Absolutely, germs germs go away and just don’t come back

  2. Tasha, looking forward to being able to successfully decipher 4 year old whining and physical discomfort. I guess it takes time and wisdom.

  3. Oh no!! I hope you and Canaan don’t get sick. Fortunately (knock on wood) the kiddos in my house have been relatively healthy. HOWEVER, another child at daycare hasn’t been so lucky and unfortunately for him (as well as all of us) his mom doesn’t feel the need to stay on top of vaccines or give the flu shot to her kids, oh, AND she thinks it’s ok to send her child to daycare sick and swear up and down that he’s not. (enter short tirade) she’s a stay at home mom who sends her kid to daycare for a “break”. Totally fine, I respect it, I get it, and would do the same if I could. That being said, I’m a working mom who if my kids get sick, it throws one hell of wrench into the system! So, here’s to vaccines, flu shots, letting the dog lick my kids faces, washing hands and eating healthy… go away germs, and don’t come back anytime soon. Is it spring yet?!

    I hear you on the crying wolf, my daughter who is three tells me often that her belly hurts to which I respond “does it hurt because you are hungry? or does it hurt cause you feel like you’re going to be sick?” The answer typically is “hungry” but I’m always skeptical! Ahhh the joys.

  4. After a week of letting my 12 year old son stay home, I finally had to kick him out the door and off to school. There was no fever, no vomiting, no nothin’. I knew he had been ill but I was sure he was better now. We had a conversation about how if you are not contagious and it has been this long, sometimes you just have to push through and get through your day. We can’t always stay home from “work” when we are just feeling blah. And also, sometimes after you’ve been sick, you feel better getting up and around instead of lying in bed. So off to school he went whining all the way. I knew this could go either way. I could get a phone call within the hour or he would make it. Thankfully, he made it through the day. When he got home he said, “Mom, you were right. I was wrong. Once I got going I was fine. I got through the day.” WHAT?! So don’t fear, sometimes we end up being right! And sometimes they even admit it!!


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