We Love Our Sister Sites!


BurlingtonVT Moms Blog is part of a larger network called the City Moms Blog Network.  We have sister sites all over the country with teams of Moms doing exactly what we’re doing right here in Burlington.  Today I’m going to tell you about my 5 favorite posts from 5 of our Sister Sites.  We love our Sister Sites and we wanted to spread a little of that love to all of you here in Burlington.


First up today is our New Orleans Moms Blog, in you guessed it, New Orleans, LA.  I love these ladies, they always have something fun and sassy to say.  The post I chose is, “The Perfect Age for Motherhood?  Survey Says…”.  The story chronicles Ana as she remembers her 33rd year of life on the cusp of turning 34.  It got her to thinking about what the perfect age is to have children.  What are your thoughts on the subject?  Early 20’s when you have the energy?  Mid-30’s – 40’s when you are more stable and financially secure?  Or when it happens?  Read to find out what the survey says.


San Diego is up next with a recipe for a Strawberry Dessert Smoothie.  I thought that with Strawberry picking just behind us, we all must have a few fresh picked strawberries left in our freezer ready to be whipped up into something fantastic.  This recipe is quick and easy and sure to make everyone happy.


With our many sites in Texas, our next sister site is from Southern Texan in the Rio Grande Valley.  In Reading Picks for Those Little Minds”Kristina shares a list of what she and her 16 month old are reading in their house.  I chose this because even those of us who frequent the library sometimes go into mind lock when faced with all the possibilities facing us.  It’s good to get some recommendations and these sound fun and inventive and creative for the youngest of your littles.


Iowa has a sight, has several in fact.  At Des Moines Moms Blog, Erica shares about a romp in her backyard with her young boys that got a little risque.  She quickly assesses the situation and decides that instead of scolding her boys, maybe she just needs to capture the moments by snapping a picture.  In “To Snap or To Scold”, we are reminded that sometimes you just need to appreciate the moment you’re in, after all you’re growing kids and not grass in that backyard.  So true!


Last up today is “Let Them Help!”, from our Jacksonville Moms Blog in Florida.  As busy moms we tend to think we can do it all, that we should do it all.  We even glaze over those little pleas coming from our littles asking if they can help us in an effort to just get it done and fast.  But maybe we get more than just a little help when we let our kids help with the chores.  Liz breaks it down for us giving us some tips when getting help from the little people in our house.

Once again, this is only a nibble from each of these sister sites.  They are so much more!  Feel free to peruse their sites or send your friends there if you have friends in the area.  Obviously we love you here in Burlington, but it’s always good to help out your sisters.



    • Shannon, thank you for considering my recent post among your 5 favorite! No matter what age you enter mommyhood, it is an extraordinary experience between the giggles and the tantrums. Like Ashley says, we adore our sisters in Vermont too!


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