Ten Life Lessons I Learned From My Toddlers


Children boast a wealth of knowledge before they can even clearly articulate their wisdom. Here are ten invaluable life lessons I learned from my toddlers.

Toddler feet covered in ail polish and glitter paint

Sweat the small stuff!

When you make a big deal of something it gets resolved faster. It also makes the big stuff seem smaller by comparison, because EVERYTHING is actually big. Even if it’s small.

Change clothes often.

Not dirty? Doesn’t matter. Not too hot? Not too cold? Doesn’t matter. Just change your clothes frequently. Be sure to leave the preworn ones on the floor for later use.

Alternatively, if you want new clothes, accidents are the best way to get them.

Want new pants? Pee in them. Want a new car seat? Pee on it. Want a new bed? You know what to do.

If the shoe fits, wear it on the wrong foot. I don’t know why.

Take your socks and shoes off in the car, no matter the distance of the ride.

Comfort is key. Style is also paramount. So don’t worry if those new socks you just shed never again reunite. Mismatched socks are way cooler anyway.

The world is your canvas.

The table, the walls, the car, the dog… If you can add your artistic signature to something, do it. Your parents might get a little upset at first but remember – anger is temporary, art is forever.

Worms need to eat, too.

That’s why you shouldn’t eat your whole meal. You have to save some for the compost. You can eat all your snacks though. Worms don’t like snacks.

If you dislike something on your plate, spit that junk out!

Don’t be polite and swallow it. Don’t wait for a napkin or tissue. Just get it out of your mouth immediately.

If you dislike someone, yell and walk away.

I really don’t know why adults don’t use this technique more.

Go to sleep when you’re tired.

Don’t go to sleep when someone tells you you should be tired. Don’t let anyone mess with your schedule. Bedtime schmedtime.

Toddler relaxing on a pile of strewn about laundry

The life lessons I learned from my toddlers keep coming. Do you have any to share?


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