Summer Cocktail Series: Fun with Refreshing Wine Cocktails


In all honesty, wine or wine cocktails are often my go-to for a hot summer night.

When I am on a date with my husband, I always grab the wine list to see what they have for white wine. At home, I enjoy mixing it up sometimes and having wine cocktails. In this edition of Summer Cocktail Series: Fun with Wine Cocktails, I will share some fun ways to add a twist to your next glass of wine!

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It seems that many people who drink wine have specific tastes regarding their glass of wine. Whether it is a glass of red, white, rosé, dry, sweet, French, Californian, or Italian, there are A LOT of different wines to choose from. I’ve become excited about all of the local Vermont wines that are popping up.

Here are some local Vermont wines you can try when making one of these wine cocktails.

Boyden Valley Winery: Located in Cambridge, on a quintessential Vermont farm, Boyden Valley has been producing wine for over 20 years. Using local fruit, and grapes grown on their property, they have a ventured out and produced wines to celebrate any occasion… From your typical red and white, to a cassis, a rosé, and even a blueberry wine, Boyden Valley Winery has a wine for everyone!

Shelburne Vineyards: Located in Shelburne and producing wine for almost 20 years, they have won a number of awards for many of their wines. Growing their grapes within a close proximity to the tasting room, Shelburne Vineyards is producing wines to please every palate.

Snow Farm Vineyards: Located in South Hero, Snow Farm Vineyards has been making wine for over 20 years. Passionate about saving Vermont’s land, the vineyard takes their job seriously. Producing red and white wine, and an award-winning ice wine, Snow Farm vineyard wine is a great addition to any summer (or winter) meal.

Lincoln Peak Winery: Located in New Haven, Lincoln Peak Winery has been producing wine for consumers for over 10 years. Unlike other wineries, Lincoln Peak offers a refillable wine growler from a rotating selection of wines on tap. They offer many wine choices from reds to whites, a rosé, and even a sweet dessert wine. Stop by their tasting room to try their selections.

Putney Mountain Winery: Located in Putney, Putney Mountain Winery has been crafting wine for over 20 years. Producing fruit wines made with locally sourced fruit, they strive to provide consumers with a wine unlike any other.

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Now let me share my favorite wine cocktails!

Wine Spritzer: Always refreshing and a quick mix!

 1 Bottle of white wine. I prefer a sweeter wine such as a Moscato

Flavored seltzer of choice- I prefer a berry seltzer

Frozen raspberries and blueberries

Fill a wine glass with ice, pour 6 oz of white wine into the glass. Top with your favorite flavored seltzer. Add in a few frozen berries and it may just be the easiest cocktail out there!


White Sangria: I prefer making big batches of sangria to share, so this would be best for when you know you are having people over for a BBQ, or when you are asked to bring a drink to the next cocktail party!

1 Bottle white wine- I prefer a pinot grigio or chardonnay, but any will work

1 cup frozen peaches (rinsed)

1 cup frozen raspberries (rinsed)

1/2 a cup peach schnapps

2 cups raspberry seltzer

Mix all ingredients in a large pitcher or beverage dispenser. Let sit in refrigerator for at least 4-6 hours. Pour over ice and enjoy!


Red Sangria: Again, this makes a lot, so make this recipe when you know you will be drinking with others!

1 Bottle of red wine

1 apple, peeled and diced

1 plum,  diced

1/2  cup of red grapes (or pitted fresh or frozen cherries)

A few splashes of triple sec

1 can of sparkling apple cider

Mix all ingredients in a large pitcher or beverage dispenser. Let sit in the refrigerator for at least 4-6 hours. Pour over ice and enjoy!


Strawberry Mint Wine Slushy:

1 bottle of rosé wine

2 cups of frozen strawberries

10 mint leaves

Blend ingredients in a blender until smooth. You may need to add more wine to get it to blend. Pour into glasses and garnish with a sliced strawberry and a mint leaf. Similar to a smoothie, just don’t drink one in the morning!


Twisted Mimosa: Is Champagne considered wine? Is prosecco considered champagne? I don’t know. But I do like drinking prosecco Mimosas so I will consider it a wine today.

1 Bottle Prosecco

1 quart of Orange Mango Juice

Mango Puree: Thaw a 12oz bag of frozen mango overnight. Once thawed, empty bag into blender and add a tablespoon of water. Puree until smooth.

Use a 1:1 ratio for prosecco and juice in a champagne glass. Mix in a tablespoon of mango puree, garnish with a slice of orange and enjoy!

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People have been drinking wine for thousands of years. I like to think of it as a tradition that we need to carry on! Grab a glass, your favorite bottle and a friend and enjoy some wine cocktails tonight!


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