Nicole Pfende

Nicole Pfende
I was born in California, and moved to Vermont when I was two, so I consider myself a native Vermonter. Married to one heck of a guy, Kelvin, who deals with all my crazy shenanigans and almost always goes along with my off the wall ideas. We live in Jericho with our two daughters, Munashe age 9, and Kuziva age 5. In life before kids, I worked in the non-profit sector working in public schools with children and families. These days you can find me chauffeuring, playing, cooking, gardening, attempting to run, cleaning or spending time with family and friends. Family time is key, and we strive to have as much play time as possible. Traveling, skiing, hiking, swimming, and eating maple creemees are some of our favorite activities. Personally, I love setting goals, writing lists, reading, gardening, organizing and dreaming of far off lands.
A stay-at-home mom folds clothing in a messy play room while her kids are not home.

My Life as a Stay at Home Mom with School Aged Children

We are a few weeks into school, which means I am a few weeks into being a stay-at-home mom of school-aged children. Y'all, I have no kids at home during the day! Our youngest...

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Broken Arm Chronicles: Things Your Child CAN Do to Feel Independent

I’ve been a mom for ten years. Within those ten years, we have had many minor injuries, one false alarm trip to the emergency room, and zero broken bones. Until last week. My family’s...

Refreshing Summer Cocktail Series: Vermont Gin with Everything

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My Family’s Thrilling and Delightful Summer Bucket List

Even though the snow continues to fall, and the first day of summer is still a few months away, I feel like it will be here before we know it. Summer is the season...

I Can’t Believe I Googled That: Parenting with Google

Seriously, what did our parents do without Google? Maybe they used an encyclopedia (“What is that?” My kids say.) Maybe they asked a friend, or maybe they just figured it out on their own....

A Family Night Out for Dinner: Eco Bean and Greens

{Disclaimer: We are working with Eco Bean and Greens to bring you this post.} As a mom who cooks, A LOT, I am always thrilled to have the opportunity to have a family meal out....

Tips for Learning to Ski as a Mom, and Where to Find a Good...

We all know that Vermont is a beautiful state with 5 seasons: winter, mud, spring, summer, and fall. In order to get outside, Vermonters need to find ways to enjoy each season. As a...
Three Zebras

Preparing My Daughter for an 8,000 Mile International Vacation Without Me

Family vacations are a time I treasure. Vacations give us all a time to unplug and relax. As well, they break up the daily routine while enjoying meals prepared by someone else, in a...

Are You There God? It’s Me, Nicole: Mom to a Tween

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Soup Bowls

Three Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Soup Recipes for Dinner

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Two figures in front of XMAS signt

The Holiday Season: Finding Common Ground in Our Marriage

Kids are back in school, the leaves are falling, and stores are decking their halls with holiday paraphernalia. Good, bad or indifferent, soon the holiday season will be upon us, and each of us will...
Holiday Family Fun in Vermont

December, 2017: Holiday Fun In and Around Burlington

As I sit here eating my kids’ Halloween candy, I am reminded that my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, are just around the corner. Most of all, I get excited thinking about the holiday...