My Family’s Thrilling and Delightful Summer Bucket List


Even though the snow continues to fall, and the first day of summer is still a few months away, I feel like it will be here before we know it. Summer is the season I most look forward to. Not because I don’t love the other Vermont seasons, but because I enjoy the break in routine and the extra freedom to have fun with my two daughters while they are not in school.

I’ve also compiled a thrilling summer bucket list that I can’t wait to get a start on.

Ready for Summer!

Our summer schedule tends to be pretty full with our regular activities such as summer track, swim team, and gymnastics. On the time in between those scheduled activities though, we like to adventure out and fill our days with fun local activities.

ice cream sundae, ice cream
Dinner= Ice Cream Sundae 

This is my family’s summer bucket list. I am preparing it early because I want to make sure we have all the fun experiences we can fit into our summer and I figured I would share our list with the BVTMB community.

  1. Attend at least 2 concerts at Mills Riverside Park- On Wednesdays in Jericho, Mills Riverside Park turns into a sea of blankets, families and picnic baskets while the acoustic sounds of local musicians can be heard throughout the park. Kids can run and play freely, and adults can snack and enjoy music. It makes for a dreamy summertime evening outing.
  2. Eat dinner at The Burger Barn in Jeffersonville (at least once!) This little gem located in Jeffersonville is a MUST. With over 40 burger choices and some of the best fries in the area, The Burger Barn makes the top of our list.
  3. Eat ice cream sundaes for dinner at least once- ‘nuff said.
  4. Eat at Joe’s Snack Bar– My oldest really wants to eat dinner here!
  5. Library events- Our local library hosts a ton of activities geared towards families and kids, and are always a great opportunity to try new things and meet up with friends!
  6. Play miniature golf as a family- have I mentioned how competitive my family can be? YIKES!
  7. Visit The Audubon Center– My youngest and I did a field trip to The Audubon Center with her preschool a few years ago and ever since then, we have been talking about going back. This summer, we will.
  8. Shelburne Farms– This is always a must during the summer months. We love to spend a full day at the farm, milking the cows, chasing the chickens and eating some fresh cheese.
  9. Go kayaking at Green River Reservoir.
  10. Hike Camels Hump and Mount Mansfield- Both of our girls enjoy hiking, but we haven’t ventured away from our usual hikes of Sterling Pond and Prospect Rock. This year, I think they are ready for more of a challenge!
  11. Spend a weekend in Lake Placid with a stop at The Wild Center on the way,
  12. Visit the Montshire Museum, which is always a family favorite.
  13. Bike the causeway– Now that both girls are biking independently on 2-wheeled bikes, I am looking forward to many biking adventures this summer.
  14. Granby Zoo– We haven’t been here in a few years, and are looking forward to a day trip over the border to visit the animals and water park.
  15. Take a drive to Waitsfield to go swimming at Warren Falls, followed by dinner and ice cream at Canteen Creemee.
  16. Find and swim at  2 new-to-us swimming holes
  17. Berry Picking– We love visiting local berry farms to pick fresh, juicy berries. We shovel them in as fast as we can while still fresh, freeze plenty for winter smoothies and baking, and then finish off what is left by making homemade jam. YUM! Vermont berries should be on everyone’s summer bucket list. 
  18. Go Camping! We all love “roughing” it for a few days in a tent while cooking over an open fire, and spending our days biking, hiking, swimming and having fun. Of course, the best part of camping is the s’mores!
  19. Visit Waterbury- One of our favorite ways to spend a day is to go swimming at the Waterbury Reservoir, bring stuff to grill for dinner, then stop at Ben and Jerry’s for a yummy treat before heading home!
  20. Attend a Lake Monsters baseball game- I love that Vermont has a minor league baseball team, and what is more summer and American then attending a baseball game? The Fun Zone is always a great time for the girls.
  21. Give each of our girls a YES day- Have you read about this on social media? Jennifer Garner posted about it a few years ago, and I remember thinking what a fun idea it was. Essentially, you say YES to your child for an entire day. I love this idea because I often get stuck in a rut of saying NO. I would love to see what my kids would want to do if given the schedule reins for a day. There will be some ground rules though such as a dollar limit, distance traveled, etc.
  22. Snow Farm Vineyards Thursday night concerts- This beautiful vineyard in South Hero holds Thursday night concerts from 6:30-8:30 during the summer months. A great opportunity to hear some wonderful music in a picturesque setting.
  23. Go horseback riding- Lajoie stables in Jeffersonville offers guided trail rides for beginner to advanced riders. This is a must do for our two daughters this summer.
  24. Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS)– Located in Quechee this nature center is a Vermont treasure. We definitely want to go for raptor feeding time.
  25. Swim in the ocean.

    beach, heart, sunset
    Beach, Sun and Sand= Summer

Now that this list is complete, I am hoping the snow stops falling, and the temperatures warm up. We have ice cream to eat, swimming to be done, and fun to be had!

What is on your summer bucket list?


  1. I love the idea of listing summer ‘must do’s’ before summer actually arrives (or, dare I say, August arrives we haven’t done anything fun)! Great ideas!


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