My Top Five Lesser-Known Indoor Playspaces for Kids in Vermont


Growing up, my mom was the master of fun. She had a shoestring budget and three kids in tow but she always found the best adventures.

I really don’t know how she did it, long before Google, she was creative and resourceful. She nicknamed our car the, “Blue Chevy Cafe” and used her love for adventure to provide us with the best activities. I would like to think that this has been a genetic trait and that I too have inherited my mom’s ability to seek out fun. Each weekend, I seek something fun and new for my children to do.

Lesser-known indoor playspaces in VermontWith this goal in mind, I have found a fair number of fun and unique places, and I figured why not share these hidden gems with you all? Therefore, I present my top five lesser-known indoor playspaces for kids in Vermont.

#1 Bolton Valley Sports Center

The Bolton Valley Sports Center is one of my favorite indoor playspaces to go to beat cabin fever. The sports center offers no typical kid-friendly thrills, however, it has all the necessary activities for an awesome family outing. The Bolton Valley Sports Center has an indoor pool, hot tub, bar, tennis courts, and bounce houses. Yes, all of that. The sports center offers daily passes for you to enjoy all these wonderful activities, and no skiing is required.

#2 Wildflower Studio

Having a child on who is very against arts and crafts/ open play areas, I am very against “open play” studios. Not because I don’t think they are great, however, having a child who struggles to engage in open-ended play typically makes these studios challenging for us… I was invited to Wildflower Studio as part of a social playgroup we are apart of and I figured why not give it a shot. Holy smokes am I glad that I attended that event, because there is something magical about this place, as Wildflower staff were able to engage my child in an open-ended play area. Think of Wildflower Studio as a real-life Pinterest. Check out their open studio time, you will not be disappointed.

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# 3 Bounce Around Family Fun Center

Bounce Around Family Fun Center recently opened in St. Albans. The Fun Center has arcade games and a variety of fun inflatables. Bounce Around is clean, has great lighting, and offers an easy line of sight to watch multiple children at once. I went to the fun center this weekend with three kids in tow, and could safely watch all of my charges. Bounce Around Family Fun Center is located in the Highgate Commons which is a stone’s throw away from the Thai House, which offers the best Thai food in Vermont. So pack up your kids for an hour or two of bounce house fun and had on over to the Thai House, you won’t regret it.

#4 Echo

Alright, I know you are thinking, “Sarah this isn’t a hidden gem. Everyone in Vermont knows this place.” Sure, yes you are right, however, do you know if you are a member that you become part of the Association of Science-Technology Centers which provides free visits to over 350 science centers and museums including the Boston’s Children’s Museum? We have used our Echo membership card to visit science centers or museums in Florida, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Illinois, and Hawaii- all for free.

echo science center

# 5 The Ozone at Smugglers Notch

The Ozone has something for every member of your family. From ping pong, indoor mini golf, inflatables, an adorable kids sized Vermont Country store, and everything else in between, the Ozone is a great place to burn off some energy. I highly recommend taking your kids to the Ozone for a fun-filled afternoon.

There you go, my top five somewhat lesser known indoor playspaces for kids in Vermont. I hope you enjoyed my list. Lastly, I am always looking for a good adventure, so let me know in the comment section below where your favorite place is to take your kids to beat cabin fever?


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