Top 25 Creemee Stands around the Champlain Valley


Ah, the creemee. A truly wonderful Vermont-made creation that can’t be beat on a hot summer day.  For those not from the 802, the word creemee can be perplexing, but for all of us living in Vermont calling it “soft serve” would be sacrilege.

We polled our team and put together a list of the top 25 places to grab the perfect creemee around the Champlain Valley and surrounding areas.

vermont creemee stands1. Burlington Bay Cafe– Burlington

Enjoy your creemee while taking in the beautiful view of Lake Champlain and the waterfront. This spot can get super busy in the summer, but the line tends to move quickly.

2. Bagel Cafe– Burlington

This gem, tucked into the New North End of Burlington, is great for families with their kid-size creemees at a great price. Their creemee window stays open until 9pm.

3. Al’s French Frys– South Burlington

Enjoy a delicious creemee while the kids play on the playground in the back.

4. Village Scoop– Colchester

Located in Colchester, this local favorite is the perfect spot to grab a creemee or the more traditional ice cream cone option.

5. Rocky’s– Essex Junction

Rocky’s is super convenient for those living in the Essex Junction/Essex area and is a great place to go for pizza and a creemee; a great combination! They also have a baby size option which is great for the littles.

6. Sweet Scoops– Essex Town

When it opened in 2017, Sweet Scoops became popular for its creemees and it’s huge sundaes. They also offer maple nuggets as a topping. According to their Facebook page, these are, “Crushed up maple candy applied to ice cream.” Creemee toppings don’t get much more Vermont-like than that!

7. Ray’s Seafood– Essex Junction

One of the few places in the area that serves creemees year ’round. 

8. Jericho Country Store– Jericho

This store is a Jericho landmark and is fun to visit even without the creemees, but you wouldn’t want to miss them!

9. Joe’s Snack Bar– Jericho

This place has been around for years and many native Vermonters have fond memories of heading there as kids. You can grab a whole meal here to go along with your creemee- and you won’t be disappointed!

10. Palmer Lane Maple– Jericho

This spot is a local favorite, but it is also great for those that are gluten-free thanks to their gluten-free cone option! Their maple sprinkles are especially delicious! 

11. Dakin Farm– Ferrisburgh

People rave about the maple creemees at this spot!

12. Vermont Cookie Love– Ferrisburgh

This spot was one of the most popular amongst our team! Their creemees are absolutely delicious and you can find other yummy treats like their homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches.

13. Village Creeme Stand– Bristol

If you happen to be down in Addison County, this is a popular creemee stop.

14. Canteen Creemee Company– Waitsfield

Canteen Creemee Company is known for it’s unique creemee flavors and toppings, and delicious food. It’s totally worth the trip just to try these treats.

15. Plainfield Hardware– Plainfield

Don’t let the name fool you. This creemee spot is famous in Central Vermont, and for good reason!

16. Dairy Creme– Montpelier

This creemee stand may not look like much from the outside, but with countless flavor options at great prices, this Montpelier spot is a must!

17. Morse Farm– Montpelier

This maple farm is a great stop for the perfect maple creemee made with real maple syrup.

18. Bragg Farm– East Montpelier

BVTMB writer and New York State transplant, Amanda, had her very first maple creemee here the first time she visited her now-husband in Central Vermont. She can attest to the quality and deliciousness of their creemees!

little girl, blond, ice cream, creemee19. Pump and Pantry– Williamstown

This gem has crunchy creemees and delicious maple creemees that are sure to please!

20. Goodies– Addison

This place provides a great bang for your buck, as their creemees tend to be larger than other places and at a great price!

21. Hoss’ Dogg House– St. Albans

This stand offers flavors of the week besides your typical flavor staples, which can help mix things up a bit!

22. Duke’s– Milton

This is another place with tons of creemee flavors! They also have a frequent buyer card which is great if you are going often!

23. Georgia Farmhouse– Georgia

This spot in Georgia has many flavor options and a great space to sit and enjoy your creemees while the kids run off some of that sugar.

24. Sama’s Cafe– Middlebury

This spot, off of College St. in the heart of Middlebury, is a great place to grab a creemee.

25. Charlotte Berry Farm– Charlotte

The blueberry creemees, made with this farm’s own berries, are absolutely delicious!

What’s your favorite creemee spot??


  1. #19, you put the wrong business name. The ice cream stand is separate from Pump N Pantry, it’s called Legendairy Maple & Ice cream and it’s the largest dairy bar in VT and in most of New England. Also, dont forget that all of the ice cream is made on-site. 🙂

  2. Two places we didn’t see on the list that we also enjoy are Sweet Clover Market and Ray’s Seafood. The maple creemee at Sweet Clover Market is one of the best I’ve had!

    • Ray’s market dont clean the machines as they should. We bought cones their and loaded with yellow chunks in soft serve, nasty.

  3. I was thinking since it’s just the “champlain valley” I’d be okay not seeing my grandparents snackbar on there… but you went all the way to Williamstown. So.


    MAYNARD’S SNACKBAR in Moretown, VT where you can always find Maple Creemee’s 😉 and of course, the traditional vanilla, chocolate, and twists. Many sundae options and yummy food!

  4. You forgot to mention the Shelburne Country Store! They use real maple syrup, just like Morse Farm. They are fantastic!


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