Rope Basket Tutorial


I am broke.  Well, not totally, but broke enough not to be able to afford to buy 20 family members gifts for Christmas. This year I am taking my cue from a good friend who MADE ALL HER CHRISTMAS PRESENTS LAST YEAR.  I guess I’m kind of crafty in a pin-beautiful-handmade-gifts-on-pinterest-but-they-don’t-usually-turn-out-as-good sort of way.  But I think I have landed on some good ideas that will hopefully be at least impressive enough to NOT look handmade.

I’m loving the rope baskets and bowls that I see in magazines and home stores, why am I such a sucker for containers?  It may say something about the current state of my life which some would call mayhem. I digress. Here is what you will need…

Rope of your choosing. I tried sisal, twine, and nylon.
Some container to cover, not glass. I got mine at the dollar store.
Hot glue gun

Persistence and nothing to do for about 2 hours.

Start at the bottom, people, and work your way up. It’s a good habit, builds character.  If your container has handles, cover them first and leave a tail that you will cover later as you wrap around.

You can also add handles to your basket by twisting or braiding rope together and gluing them down first. Make sure you have enough length on the ends to give you good stability.

If you have an extra day or so to spend on this project like me (i’m lying), or are feeling a particular glutton for punishment (like me), you can dye some or all of your rope to add interest. Cotton or nylon take dye well.

Tips:  Keep the rope tight against the previous row.  Use tons of glue. You will need more rope than you think.

Now, throw something colorful in your basket so your picture will look like a proper tutorial that others will want to emulate.


  1. Hi Suzy! Thank you. Yes, I did the inside as well and it turned out with a nice finished look. I did another similar basket that was going to be used for blocks and I ended up just doing it about an inch and a half down the inside since it would mostly be filled up that far. I gave the one pictured to my mom a couple years ago and she uses it in her bathroom for tp rolls :).


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