Playing With Food: Nacho Night!


Looking for a fresh, fun way to add some flair and innovation to your little one’s intake? Bring on Nacho Night, a family activity complete with recipe-making and ratings and no pressure!

My secret? Begin the tasting with a classic, kid-friendly round of tortilla chips with melted cheese.

We’re having cheesy chips for dinner?” My kids were astounded. Mouths agape!

Cheesy chips are guaranteed to give you an eyes wide open audience.   Once your littles have dug into the cheesy chips, build some excitement by introducing “Taste Test!” Make up a few different kinds of chips and present them with creative names. Make sure to include some ingredients that they are not currently eating.

Do not under any circumstances let them know that you are trying to expand their palate. It’s a game! A contest, if you will! They are the judges. Give them power.

The rules:

1. Each chip must be finished. Suggest to your kids that although they might not love the first bite of something, bite number two might be a whole different story.

2. Go slow. Encourage them to pay attention to textures, flavors, etc. and talk about what it feels like to eat a particular combination.

3. Everyone eats the same chip on the same round. If you have more than one child, let each child take a turn testing on their own. Taking it slow and talking about the food will really heighten the excitement!

Scoring System

Two thumbs up – Bring it on!

Two thumbs to the side – It’s okay.

Two thumbs down – No way, Jose!

Nachos 1

Our first course of chips consisted of the following:

The Purist Tortilla chips and Cabot cheddar cheese

Gassy Lassie Tortilla chips, Cabot cheddar, pureed black beans, Cabot sour cream

Holy Guacamole Tortilla chips, Cabot cheddar, heaps of homemade guacamole

Georgia Peach – Tortilla chips, Cabot Cheddar, fresh diced peaches, Green Mountain medium salsa.

Crazy Vermonter Tortilla chips, tahini, hot sauce, sesame seeds.

Although I do consider my kids to be have pretty decent appetites, they all have their preferences and it’s easy to get stuck in that. All of a sudden? Sean loves black beans! Maggie is gobbling guacamole! Sophia has decided she wants to add sour cream to her tacos! FABULOUS! They were excited to try more! They were thrilled that I wanted their input! Most of all, they seemed totally satisfied to like new things that they previously rejected.

Round two of Nacho Night consisted of each child designing and naming their own chip. Most of their chips consisted of rearranging the ingredients we already used in different ways. They named their creations, “Kitty Litter Tomato”, “Peaches” and “Mush-Goo.”

We were all surprised, however, when my eldest created the “Marsha-mallow Brady”, a specialty consisting of tortilla chip, melted cheddar and marshmallows. Who would have guessed, but it was delicious!

This is also a great way to use leftovers. Think Pork Carnita Nacho! Grilled chicken Cesar Nacho! You name it, they’ll try it. As long as you are smiling and showing absolutely no reservations, they will try it. 

If your child has found a new favorite food during Nacho Night, make sure to keep serving it in days to come so you don’t “lose” it! 🙂

Nachos 2


What are some ways that you “play” with food in your home?




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