Mama School: A Slacker Moms guide to avoiding the Summer Slide.


So here we are. Half way done with summer. 5 weeks down 5 to go. I started the summer break full of high hopes and feeling fancy free. I sit here and reflect on those hopes. We’ve hit the Beach, all the parks and eaten my weight in ice cream there is still many things left on the ” SUMMER FUN LIST” Rock candy?! Who put “Make Rock Candy” on the list? Every time I see this all I can think are of are
the swarms of ants…I digress.

The one item that has been consistently checked off is Mama School. The boys and I set out this summer with the goal of avoiding the summer slide. We agreed to set aside a little time every day for something structured and educational. Here’s what’s helping us achieve that goal.

Books Books Books

This looks different for each of my boys. The eight year old has to read a book a week. This is honestly not hard. He’s a book worm. He’s participating in our library’s summer reading program and is killing his reading goal. He’s hoping to win the bike.  It might be too late for you sign up for the library’s summer reading program but it’s never too late to visit the library and set your own goals with the kids.

The six year old is sitting on the edge of being able to read independently. So every day at some point we read. He reads me a book and I read him two. My goal is just building his confidence. We hit up the library and he loads up on all kinds of books. Audio books are a family favorite. It is amazing how sitting in his room listening to a book while he builds with Legos makes him much more creative.

Comic books count, right?

Apps and Tech time

During the school year my kids get 20 minutes to an hour of tech time a week. Yes I am the meanest mom ever.  The summer isn’t that much different except during Mama School Time. They both have a few approved apps that are reinforcing Math and Reading skills. I love the Lakeshore Learning apps (free) because they have a large variety for different skill sets, and they are fun. For the kids, getting to use *my* Ipad is a big thrill and we often work together, which helps me to see where they are improving or where help could be given.

Write Write Write and write again

I don’t want their writing skills to fall behind so I often ask for it in writing.
“Mom can I have a Popsicle?”
“Write me a note asking me that question and give me two reasons why it’s a good idea.”
Then they return with a note that has adorable reasons and they spent the time practicing writing.
At the Co-op I have them write the numbers for the bulk items we purchase. I get to be lazy and they get to practice.

The reality is we don’t spend that much time on any one thing and the time we do utilize isn’t really impacting the relaxing we are doing. It is also not a punishment. It’s just a small easy drop that will hopefully help once school resumes in 5 weeks.

How are you avoiding the summer slide in your house?



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