C’mon, get app-y: Best smartphone apps for new parents


Best Smartphone iPhone Apps for New Moms Parents

When my daughter was a newborn, my phone was by my side 24/7.

It became my way to pass the time during round-the-clock feedings and was useful for everything from snapping a zillion photos, staying in touch with friends and family, and ordering more bibs because OHMYgawd there’s a lot of spit-up coming out of this tiny baby…

Here are my top picks for smart phone apps for new parents:

  1. Sprout Baby
    Track feedings, diapers (you can even choose color and consistency – joy!) and more with this comprehensive app. There are others out there like it but this one had one of the most easy-to-use interface, which is great when you’re operating with a tired new parent brain. Tracking is really important to share with your pediatrician in the beginning, but I continued using this for a while to track feedings in particular.
  2. Chatbooks
    There are so many photo opps! Sign up for Chatbooks and every photo you post to Instagram automatically gets a page in a Chatbook – including the caption. After you have accumulated 60 photos your book is shipped to you for $6. You can add contributors, too, so your husband’s photos can also be automatically added to your books. Pro tip: We created a private/secret account for our daughter and that’s where we dump a lot of photos we want to be included in our books but we don’t want to spam family and friends with on our accounts. You can also create Chatbooks in other ways (on the computer, etc.) but posting to Instagram was easiest for us. Anything automated is great as a new parent!
  3. Evernote (or your phone’s notepad)
    Your brain is mush from the elation of having a new baby and the lack of sleep. Write everything down. You’ll probably have to remind yourself to shower. Don’t expect to remember anything. Evernote is great because you can add/edit on a computer too, and you can collaborate on lists with your husband or other family and friends. But really any notepad will do. You could also use an actual paper notepad and pen but your phone is probably closer to you at all times.
  4. Amazon Shopping App
    When it’s 2am and you don’t know when you’ll get to the brick-and-mortar store to get all the various items you need for baby, it’s off to Amazon. I loved the app for price comparing, easy searching and of course, easy ordering. Amazon Prime 2-day shipping is your best friend. I got everything from the aforementioned OH SO MANY bibs to clothes to coconut water for me delivered.
  5. Kindle (or other book app)
    Turning pages while balancing a new baby? Doable, yes, but simply tapping on a screen was way easier while breastfeeding at 2am. Or was it 2pm? Who knows but having a book to read is so nice. You can purchase books or poke around the surprisingly large amount of free offerings.

Have you tried any of these? Which other apps do you use as a parent?


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