Meredith Bay Tyack

Meredith Bay Tyack
Meredith lives in a cozy house in Winooski with her husband, toddler, baby and dog. She grew up in southern Vermont but lived in several cities and states across the country (most recently, Chicago) before coming back to the Green Mountains. She works in communications/public relations and on her blog Her favorite things to do include dancing with her daughter, gluten-free baking and cooking, challenging herself to "crazy" experiments like attempting a zero waste home, and enjoying all that Burlington has to offer.
Treating my "maskne" and other skincare tips for moms

Treating My “Maskne” and other Skincare Tips for Busy Moms

A face mask or covering is the must-have accessory of the year, but what about “maskne?” Maybe this next part is too much information but it’s relevant, I promise. I have a sweaty face....
television and built in bookcases filled with books

I Am Not a True Crime Mom. Lighter Fare for a Lighter Heart.

I haven’t hopped on board the true crime bandwagon. In fact, I haven’t stepped foot near it. I am not a true crime mom. Though some accounts seem to suggest that true crime podcasts...
pregnant woman standing in field with blue sky

Confronting My High Risk Pregnancy with a Tube of Toothpaste

My second pregnancy was high risk but it took me more than a year to confront and internalize that rather basic fact. I acquired a tiny tube of off-brand toothpaste during a weeklong stay...
two children looking at the ocean

Talking with Kids about Gender in a Way They Can Understand and Appreciate

Humans want to put things into categories, to find patterns. No inherent problem there. As parents and caregivers, we have influence over how our kids learn to identify things. How to identify and describe...
mom holding child in field

Innovative, Inspiring Vermont Instagram Moms You Want to Follow

Vermont is hiding incredible Instagrammers. In the mountains, by the lake, down the street. Do you scroll? Me too. Sure, there’s a downside to being phone-obsessed. However, I think staying in touch with friends,...

Making a Hygge Home with Kids During Spring and Summer

If you’ve been on Pinterest or Instagram recently, you might have encountered a fun concept: hygge. Maybe it’s my Scandinavian roots (my Dad was born in Norway), but I’ve fully embraced this trend in...

Sometimes I Treat Myself like a Babysitter Instead of a Parent

You don’t have to look far to find articles and posts about how parents should avoid, “Acting like the babysitter.” It’s typically about men/dads but there’s no reason it can’t also apply to moms....

Empowering my Daughter: I’m not my Daughter’s Voice Anymore

I love to talk but I've decided to try not speaking on behalf of my daughter. I can't be my daughter's voice anymore. Well-meaning strangers and friends alike tend to pepper small children with...
Plus size woman standing against pink wall

My Cups Runneth Over: How To Dress for Breastfeeding with a Large Bust

Finding great breastfeeding-friendly outfits when you have a large bust can be tricky. And lonely. Before my first was born, many people, blogs, pins, and Instagram posts cheerily shared, “Just pull your shirt down!”...
find a non toxic aluminum free deodorant

How to find a Natural, Aluminum-Free Deodorant that Works

I was a loyal conventional deodorant/antiperspirant user for years but when I learned more about the harmful effects typical drugstore deodorants and antiperspirants can have on a woman's body, I immediately started searching for...
house cleaning service review

Lime Maids House Cleaning: The Present You’ll Want for Mother’s Day

{Disclaimer: We’re working with Lime Maids house cleaning service to bring you this post, however, the opinions expressed are all our own!} The best sort of gift is meant to elicit joy. You might think...
Eco friendly tips for kids, celebrate earth day every day

5 Ways You and Your Kids Can Celebrate Earth Day Everyday

If you have a calendar and/or you follow any "eco-friendly" companies on Facebook, you know that April is Earth Month and April 22 is Earth Day. It's the time of year we all decide to...
The main types of noises toddlers make

The Top Five Kinds of Toddler Noises

If you have a toddler at home, you know that they are very busy and make a lot of toddler noises.  There are some toddler noises that I love, like when my daughter hugs me...
Shaming our pre-kid pre-baby self, mom shame

I Refuse to Shame My Pre-Kid Self

  I see this shame sentiment a lot in memes and on blogs and I used to giggle half-heartedly in response, but the truth is that this sentiment rubs me the wrong way. It feels...