Lime Maids House Cleaning: The Present You’ll Want for Mother’s Day


{Disclaimer: We’re working with Lime Maids house cleaning service to bring you this post, however, the opinions expressed are all our own!}lime maids house cleaning service review

The best sort of gift is meant to elicit joy. You might think the gift of house cleaning is odd, but hear me out.

When the BVTMB writers were asked if anyone wanted to receive a free house cleaning in exchange for an honest review, I jumped at the chance. To not only have a clean home at the end of the Lime Maids house cleaning service but also get more time to spend doing things I want to do as a result… it sounded fabulous. I was so excited to free up some mental space, too. Instead of hanging onto that part of my mental to-do list (and associated guilt, and possibly dread), I was going to let someone else take care of it.

Maybe having someone else clean your home won’t change your life. But there’s something about a “clean slate” that can make other things going on seem easier to handle. To you, a cleaning service might seem like a luxury. To me, having my whole house clean at once was tremendously relaxing and uplifting.

Before I became a parent, if I read that a mom wanted a cleaning service for a Mother’s Day present, I might have been a little judgmental. Really? Cleaning? And while we are all different save for being parents and caregivers to small humans, I’m not sure there are many of us out there (whether you have one kid or three, work out of the home or stay at home) that would turn down a cleaning service.

Lime Maids house cleaning service

Lime Maids’ tagline is, “Love where you live.” I definitely love where I live, but when I can’t keep on top of the cleaning, I’m basically slightly stressed all day, which is no fun.

There’s something about having all those little nagging cracks and crevices cleaned that makes it easier to take a few extra minutes to do… something else. Instead of feeling a little pang of guilt that I should really get to finally cleaning off the range hood, I could crouch down and play with my kid after dinner or take a few extra minutes on the phone with an old friend during nap time.

love your house

Whether you commit to this gift every once and awhile, every month, or every two weeks, you won’t regret it.

A word of advice if you are asking for this as a present from someone else – don’t be subtle. Significant others can miss hints. Just outright ask for it. Think giant note tucked into the book they’re reading, a poster on the windshield of their car. Skywriting. Go big or go home. Hopefully, to a sparkling clean home. 

Before I was offered the opportunity to try out the Lime Maids service, I had been toying with the idea of hiring someone to clean our house. With a new baby and a toddler at home, and a full plate in other areas of my life, basic cleaning maintenance was becoming a burden. Truth be told, I usually enjoy my cleaning routine, and since I’ve dramatically decluttered over the years, cleaning has become easier. There’s just something about those first few months with a baby, though, where things are just unrelentingly hard.

I poked around a bit with family and friends, and even looked online and searched through some Facebook groups but the vague, “Oh yeah, I used to know someone who cleaned houses, what was their name? Maybe I can find their number…” mentions weren’t appealing to me. Plus, I’d get distracted before I could follow through and try out a cleaning service. #becausemombrain

Lime Maids cleaning service web and phone interface

Lime Maids offers a sleek web interface whether you’re on your phone or your computer. It is professional and simple. It takes a minute to contact them and schedule service. Or maybe less.

I selected “deep/first-time house cleaning,” “green cleaning” and “I have pets.” These options add a little more expense than the typical single visit. I booked for the next day. It seemed too good to be true.

Press some buttons, enter your credit card info and press go. And then sit back and think, “Is that it?” how lime maids worksAfter an email confirmed that yes, that actually was all I had to do to schedule a house cleaning service, a friendly woman showed up at my door the next afternoon and proceeded to tackle my bathroom, kitchen, and floors throughout my house.

That’s truly what makes Lime Maids different. The experience is stress-free and professional from start to finish: the website, booking process and even the fact that they’ll leave a thank-you note if they clean when you’re not home really makes you feel like you can fully trust them and you’ll be taken care of each time you book.

Sign up for more frequent cleanings to get a discount. Or, since you’re a BurlingtonVT Moms Blog reader, you have access this special code to save 30% off your first cleaning: MOMS30. Valid through Father’s Day (Sunday, June 18, 2017.)

Lime Maids is sponsoring this post, but they aren’t sponsoring my opinions about my experience, so I’ll say this with confidence knowing that you know I’m sharing from the heart. I’d recommend this service to anyone who needs some help getting “back to a baseline” in their home and anyone who is fed up with more complicated, iffy ways of securing a clean home. Whether you’re going through a big life change like me or it’s just a stressful and busy week (or month, or year), consider checking out Lime Maids. 



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