Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide for Kids


Still looking for fabulous gifts for the kiddos? Look no further, I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve!



Eucalyptus Wings

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Local author J. Alison James writes a dream-like fantasy book about a young girl who wishes to fly. The breathtaking illustrations are accompanied by incredible text. The story is a poetic, magical book that should be read in quiet voices with a candle flickering nearby. The ending is sure to find a spot in the hearts of parents and little ones alike. This eloquent picture book is full of possibility and will stir up many emotions in your blooming little spirits’ hearts. Pick up a copy at the Flying Pig or enter to win your own copy down below!



There are so many delightful games that children of all ages and adults can play together. Even the youngest can learn patience, while waiting for her turn to come. One of our all-time favorites is ‘The Shopping List Game’. We’ve been playing this one for over four years now and it’s sacred in our house. It comes with us to NJ when we visit family and it’s the very first game my kids reach for when they’re home sick.  I can’t promise that playing this game will result in better behavior at the actual grocery store, but it’s totally satisfying to fill your cart with the items on your list! No reading required!

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Looking for a big ticket item to go along with your Shopping List game? Head over to Kids City in South Burlington for an authentic mini shopping cart.  Pretty fabulous. Added bonus? It’s sturdy enough to take with you to the grocery store, if you are feeling brave! Add some wooden food sets and your little one will be busy for hours while you lounge in front of the tree after your early morning Christmas wake-up!


Is your little one learning letters? Give him a timeless blackboard and chalk set of his own from Vermont’s own Nova Natural Toys.  Add  a few pieces of patterned flannel for wiping down and  consider including different shaped sponges or Q-tips for water art or stencils. This is a simple gift but one that will surely be well received!


Have Calico Critters found a spot in your little one’s heart? If not, check these darlings out at Kids City! Sweet and wholesome, they will be a delightful addition to your own family. Choose from many different animal species and if your little one is hooked, expand your collection to include a vehicle, home or store for her critter set!



Blocks are a timeless gift and will spur on some serious imaginative play. Pick up this sturdy, colorful set from Nova Natural Toys. It comes with a mesh bag for storage and travel. Available in sets of 30 or 60 pieces.


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Good Luck Minis! Head over to Kids City for  these itty bitty, soft and rubbery little guys. They have a great selection of different animals/creatures and come reasonably priced at only fifty cents each. My kids love collecting these and save earned money to buy them and expand their collections.



Magna Tiles! These magnetic, colorful sets are just the ticket to some serious building! They are perfect for even the littlest of hands and will help strengthen the fine motor muscles as your itty bitty puts them together and pulls them apart over and over. (And over!)

magna tiles


Check out this Gift Guide from Shelburne-based Nova Natural. You can find gifts by selecting categories such as age, price, category and size. They will also narrow ideas down to the Top Ten for each category!

 Ready to win some gifts for your little ones?? Enter to win a $50 gift card from Nova Natural and a copy of Eucalyptus Wings by Alison James! 

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  1. we didn’t celebrate christmas growing up; but when i was older, my mom bought me an awesome sewing machine, which is pretty awesome

  2. Great ideas. I love the blocks and magna tiles. I had lots of calico critters growing up. I still have their old house with lots if accessories to give my daughter when she’s older.

  3. One of my most memorable gifts as a child was a dollhouse my parents built. Our daughter is getting it this year for Christmas (after much renovation)! Great toy ideas!

  4. My most memorable gift was a stuffed white polar bear that I wanted so badly and was so pleased Christmas Eve when I found a squashy package under the tree and couldn’t wait until the next day to open it. The same bear is now in my 3 year old nephew’s room. I was tempted to take it back but reason prevailed!


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