Inspiring a New Generation


It’s Tuesday night and I’m sitting here in front of my t.v. watching So You Think You Can Dance.  I do it every Tuesday night during the summer.  For me, it’s now become part of my summer evening routine.  As a dancer I love watching this new generation of girls and boys and their passion for the art I have loved since I was 4 years old.  They are breathtaking and sometimes make me weep because of their skill and beauty.  Yes, dance can do that to me….not just good dance, but great dance!

Anyway, I’m sitting here and during the commercial breaks I’m scratching my head wondering what I’m going to write about.  And then it hits me, I’m going to write about this…this whole dance thing…actually inspiration.

Every kid needs some inspiration.  I’ve found that my own kid is hesitant to try something new if he thinks he’s going to not be perfect or if it’s hard.  Of course an art or a sport isn’t going to look pretty, sound good, feel good, or be easy the first few go arounds.  But with practice, perseverance, support and some inspiration they have the ability to be good but great at_____________ (insert art or sport here). 

What do you love to do?  What do you have a passion for?  What is your niche?  It can all start with you drawing upon the things that YOU love.

Love art…teach your kid to pick up a pencil and sketch, visit an art museum, shoot some pics with your Iphone.

Love sports…get out there and play catch, run around the track, or shoot some hoops.

Love music…introduce them to the world of music, show them how to hold an instrument, or take them to a concert

Love dance…hold living room dance parties, teach them how to do a double turn, or sign them up for some classes.

Aden during one of our dance parties doing his ninja dance.
Aden during one of our dance parties doing his ninja dance.

We as parents have this incredible opportunity and responsibility to inspire our children to greatness.  And while we are inspiring them, I guarantee that they will, in turn, inspire us. 

My sons may not end up a dancer like their  Momma, but when they find that something that brings them joy I’m going to be there as their biggest cheerleader (even if it’s sports…something I know nothing about).

How about you…what’s your passion?  What spark of talent or interest do you see in your child?


  1. My daughter loves “America’s Got Talent.” She found her love of singing from that show a few seasons ago. She loves to be inspired by the different talent on the show. I’ve watched her put on many a show the last few years while trying to emulate talent. So cute. She’s 13 now and is still in love with the show. It just started last night and she loves that it’s on during the summer because she can stay up late to watch it.


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