Free Holiday Gift Ideas


Free Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s November!

I don’t know about you, but November is the month I start to think about holiday gift shopping. I prefer to get all of my holiday shopping completed in November so that I can spend December focusing on my holiday spirit and Christmas traditions.

The other day I was thinking about simple gifts for mothers and realized that so many of my ideas were actually free of cost. This led me to create a list of free holiday gift ideas (or at least super inexpensive). These gift ideas aren’t just for Mom. Parents, grandparents, and friends alike will love the thoughtfulness you put into these priceless gifts.

1} Alone Time

Okay, this one might just be for Moms! A few uninterrupted hours to relax or get a project done are pure gold!

2} A Special Visit 

While you are giving Mom a break, pay a visit to a special friend or family member.

3} Cleaning 

Okay, kids take notice! Move your stuff off the stairs! Clean your room! Pick up something without being asked. Your gesture won’t go unnoticed, I promise!

4} Arts & Crafts 

Last year my son made a calendar at preschool and they sent it home at the end of the year. It is one of the most treasured presents he’s given me so far. Every month I get to flip to a new piece of artwork, and the fact it’s practical is a bonus!

5} Framed photographs and artwork 

Frame a photo of you and your loved one and give it as a gift. Alternately you could create a special piece of artwork and frame it. I love displaying my son’s colorful and one of a kind artwork in our kitchen.

6} Coupon Book 

Create a coupon book offering complimentary hugs, back rubs, and snuggles.

7} A Letter or Story Book 

Write your loved one a letter telling them what you love most about them or get creative and write a story using them as a character!

8} Baked Goods 

Cooking or baking something from scratch has become one of my favorite gifts to give. I especially love baking something with my kids to give to my father. In the past he was incredibly hard to shop for because he had everything he needed and wanted. Now, a batch of muddy buddies or muffins is my go to gift.

Your turn to share! What are your favorite free gift ideas?


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