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We all know that exercise is important for our health.

However, exercise is hard to fit into our schedules. I’m more likely to work out in the mornings, but I also have a hard time waking up early. In the afternoons and evenings, I’m usually busy driving kids to activities and coming up with dinner. In order to save time, I like to exercise at home, where there is no drive time and I don’t need to worry about what I look like. Here are my favorite places to find free workouts online.


This channel is a couple of parents who lead workouts. As a bonus, sometimes a child or a dog will make an appearance in the videos. I like that these workouts are usually quick and there are usually options to use different equipment, such as dumbbells or resistance bands.

BodyFit by Amy

I love that Amy offers up modifications for prenatal and postnatal mothers, as well as women recovering from diastasis recti. I also like that she makes using dumbbells and kettlebells simple and easy. She offers plenty of modifications for beginners. I also appreciate how Amy is always upbeat and encouraging.woman doing lunges

Brian Syuki – Focus Fitness

I really like that Brian has lots of quick, 20 minute videos. There are plenty of days when I struggle to get out of bed and I don’t have time for a longer workout. I also like that he has lots of low-impact walking workouts that still feel like you got in plenty of exercise. Brian is my go-to guy when I’m lacking motivation.

Caroline Girvan

Caroline is my favorite woman for the days when I really want to go hard. Caroline is a mom of two and a certified personal trainer. I really like her dumbbell workouts, which are always challenging to me. I can’t lift as heavy as Caroline yet, but she inspires me to keep pushing myself!


I like that Anna offers up a wide range of exercise videos. They vary in length and type, which helps keep my interest. Anna is a certified fitness trainer, so she knows what she’s doing.

Juice & Toya

I love that Juice and Toya exercise together! They have a wide variety of workouts, which I love. I particularly enjoy their dumbbell videos. In addition to workouts, they also offer nutrition advice and motivation.

Mike Peele

Get in your cardio with hip-hop routines. Mike is a fun, genial instructor who breaks down all the dance moves, usually along with some friends. These videos make me forget my hatred of cardio, and I can just enjoy the music and dance moves.

woman exercising at home


I love that this channel uses a wide variety of people to lead their workouts. As a result, there is a wide range of workout styles, so there is always something for everyone. There are full-length workouts as well as plenty of 10-minute options for those days when you just don’t have much time.

The Studio by Jamie Kinkeade

These workouts are so much fun due to the music! Most of the workouts are dance-based, which is a great way to build up some energy for your day. The fun music really helps get me moving on days when I’m lacking motivation.

Sydney Cummings

I have been following Sydney’s workouts for a long time now. She has enough variety to hold my interest. I also like that she focuses on both fitness and nutrition. Sydney is good about motivating her exercise pals to take care of their bodies in a nice, upbeat way. Her workouts can also feel challenging, but attainable.

What are your favorite online workouts?

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