1.3 Do Kids See Dead People?


In our latest episode of Whose Kid is That?!? we spoke about how kids seem to be more open to spirits. In the episode, both Julie and Val shared some spooky stories – and we’ve added a story from Claire here, too.

Julie’s Story

Not long after my brother lost his battle with colon cancer at the age of 33, I was recording my then 3-year-old, trying to get him to say something. Instead, he was babbling at something over my shoulder and pointing. Just as I stopped recording, he said, “Uncle Sam.” That was my brother. When I went to look at the video I had been recording, the image in my photo library was just a bright light.

Val’s Story

A few months ago, my almost 2-year-old daughter started refusing to sleep in her bedroom. She would point at the corner and act scared. One day, I was telling my aunt about this and she said it was likely my grandfather who had recently passed away. That night, I asked my daughter if she saw a pop in the corner and she nodded yes. I told her that Pop loved her very much and was there to make sure she was okay. After that, she slept in her bed, with no problem.

Claire’s Story

My son regularly talks about his great-grandparents. Specifically my grandparents. My grandma passed one year before he was born and my grandpa passed two days before he was born. My husband has one grandma still living. She’s about to turn 99 or 100 this year, but the rest passed on already. He doesn’t mention them by name or anything but will say things like my great grandpa showed me how to do that or my great grandma told me that.

Other spooky stuff…

  • Julie’s kids talk about Baby Town. What is that, you ask? It’s where they were BEFORE they were born. They claim to have known each other while they were in Baby Town and to have witnessed things their parents did while they were in Baby Town.
  • Julie’s son Liam sees “Buggalies” before he falls asleep at night. He describes them as different colored lights flying around his head and when asked what they are he said, “Spirits.”

What do you think? Do you think kids are more open to the spirit world?

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