Discovery Dynamos: Snowboarding for young kids


My son Aden got the bug for snowboarding last year when his grandmother bought him one of those cheap plastic snowboards from Target.  We only used it a few times last year but that was enough to plant a seed.  This year that plastic snowboard was the first thing he wanted to pull out of the shed when the snow started to fall.  After a little practice he was riding down our little hill, without falling down I might add, over and over and over again.

 So what do you do with a little budding boarder?  Get him in lessons of course! 

We started researching and that’s when we found the Discovery Dynamos program at Smugglers Notch.  The Discovery Dynamos is an all-day program for kids ages 3-5 that encourages both ski and snowboard development for all abilities and builds confidence though age-appropriate teaching techniques.  The kids play games, go on guided discovery tours, and participate in activities on and off the slopes.

We signed him up for the program for the day after Christmas.  Aden would do Discovery Dynamos and my husband was going to take a beginning boarding lesson himself for 2 hours.  They left early, and I do mean EARLY!  They needed to make it to the mountain by 8am in order to get him fitted for his equipment.  And let me tell you about that.

Beginning boarders are set up with Burton’s Learn to Ride equipment.  This equipment is designed to make them more successful boarders from the get go.  The boards have a softer flex which reduces the likelihood of their board getting caught in the snow.  The boots are softer as well allowing for increased comfort and the bindings are only one strap for ease of use for those small riders.  After he got fitted Aden was whisked away to Burton Riglet Park to start his lessons.

On the mountain!

From what Aden told me he had a lot of fun!  Of course I didn’t get all the information out of him in one sitting but I’ve pieced enough of it together to gather that the day was jam packed full of fun.  According to him, Aden’s favorite part was going on “the magic carpet ride” up the hill.  According to his teacher, Aden loved going fast far too much to actually pay attention long enough to learn all of the skills they wanted to teach him.  But should I have expected anything else…a boy with a board that makes him super-fast down a mountain…sounds about right to me.

In the end it was a total hit!  Aden loved his lesson and he’s already been talking about wanting to go back. Dad loved his lesson and Mom wants to try it out too.  Here’s another great thing about Smuggs, they have childcare for children ages 6 weeks – 3 years old.  That means that WHEN WE DO go back, Aden, Michael and I can all take lessons and leave Canaan in childcare.  Truly a fun day for the whole family.

Here’s what you need to know:

Discovery Dynamos runs daily from now through April 6, 2014.  Lessons go from 9am – 4pm and include lunch.  Price is $139. 

Are there any young budding boarders out there itching to get on the slopes this winter?  Have any of you tried the Discovery Dynamos at Smuggs?  


  1. Hi Shannon,
    I’m Cora the Front Desk Supervisor at Treasures. I’m so pleased to know that your Ayden had such a wonderful experience at Discovery and that your family has been bitten by the snow bug. Can not wait to meet your youngest family member when you visit us again on the Mountain. Please make sure you when you decide to come to the mountain next, that you call a few days ahead to make your reservation for childcare at Treasures. We are licensed by the state of Vermont and want to make sure we are properly staffed for our littlest guests. Please feel free to call anytime if you have any questions.
    Best regards

  2. Hi Shannon! Smuggs also offers programs specific for women who ski or ride at any level. It’s a bit newer then the other programs but excellent. Mom’s can drop their kids at Mitey or Mini Mites and then take their own 6-8 week program so they really learn to ride. Check it out:

    • Gaby…thanks for the info! Can you believe that I was born and raised here in this state and never once skied or boarded? I got a taste of it when I moved out west and can see how addictive it can be. Knowing that there is a women’s program only makes it all that much more attractive. Thanks again!

  3. In addition to the Discovery Dynamos programming, Smuggs offers a locals learn to ski and ride program for kids called Mitey Mites. This is an 8 week program on either Saturdays and Sundays. The program has been great for my kids riding progression!


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