Hello Vermont Folks!!

Is everyone hanging on??  Are we ready for spring?

I was a little frustrated with the snow out my window this week, as I am sure you all were too. But I know it is coming… green grass, full trees, beautiful sunshine, and days at the lake. So to bide my time until BBQ’s and sun bathing, I went ahead and got my craft on! I feel like these 40(ish) degree days call for SOMETHING to make us feel all sunshiney inside …

This is what I came up with and the kids LOVED IT 😉


pinterest girls

You can buy circle punches at any of our local craft stores (I went to Micheals and on sale they are under 5 dollars) and some nice colored card stock (also on sale!) … just sew the circles of paper together and walla!!  Instant indoor sunshine 😉 Hang from the ceiling, swoop along the windows, throw in a glass bowl for a pop of color …  Whatever you do you will not be sorry. And did I mention, the kids were occupied at the sewing machine for quite. some. time. wink wink.

It is such a nice way to make instant indoor sunshine on a dreary Vermont day … catching my drift?



So what will you do to make these cold spring days fun?  Come up with any other ideas PLEASE let me know, if not … I will be seeing you in MAY when the real Vermont spring shows!

PS :: have you seen this one??




xo. Love, always :: britt

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