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Life is bowl full of cherries. Seriously, go ahead, look at this bowl of cherries…doesn’t it just make you cherry? I mean, cheery?


Over the last few weeks, I had the chance to sample a new product from Cheribundi, “The Cherry People.”  Cheribundi produces a line of both tart cherry juices and cherry/tea combinations. They’re really quite lovely I must say.

I tried both their Fruit Refresh and Tea Refresh line. My favorite was the Cherry Lemonade combination. I love a tart juice, and the combo of the cherries with the lemon was a taste sensation. Did I really just use the phrase, taste sensation? I did, and it’s true.  My second favorite was Cherry Pomegranate. It seems like pomegranates are all the rage these days, and rightly so. But sometimes, straight pomegranate juice is a bit too overbearing for me. Cheribundi mixed both the cherry and pomegranate juices so each of them were both noticeable but balanced.

From the Tea Refresh line (which is their new line) my favorite was the Cherry Jasmine Tea.  I usually drink iced tea with a little honey and mint, and often am hesitant to buy bottled tea drinks. I often find that the bottled drinks are more sugary tasting and less tea tasting. In all of the lines, whether it was the black tea, rooibos tea, or jasmine tea combination, each mixture was equal parts tea and juice. I could actually taste the tea…hallelujiah!


Putting aside the great taste of the Cheribundi line, I hear tart cherry juice is really good for you, full of “phytonutrients and anthocyanins.” In fact, as a child I recall my grandmother used to soak tart cherry’s in brandy and have a small bowl each night for her arthritis. She claimed the tart cherries helped with the pain…my father would argue it was the brandy that got her drunk….but I digress. I have read and heard that cherry juice is amazing for athletes. In fact, Cheribundi makes a cherry juice with whey protein added. I’ll be sure to check this out, now that I’m training for the NYC Marathon. I’m sure this will help with some of the post run recovery.

Everyone has their own tastes and preferences, especially when it comes to juice and tea. What’s neat is that is that Cheribundi has almost all it’s bases covered. Cherry Black Tea, Cherry Cranberry, and Cherry Blueberry..even Cherry Cranberry (the two tartests of the tarts go head-to-head in this one!).  What’s next Cheribundi? Cherry Mango? Cherry Matcha? Cherry Bacon? Too much?

For those keeping score with the localvore scene, Cheribundi sources their cherries from local farmers in upstate New York and Michigan. While you don’t have to drive to NY or MI to buy Cheribundi, you can check out to see if your local health food store carries them. If not, they are readily available at and there is currently a 10% deal going on for the Blueberry and Green Tea juices. Or you can just enter in our giveaway for a chance to win a case!


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Heather Polifka-Rivas
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  1. I have always loved cherries. Maybe I got that from my Grandpap as I remember him eating a bowl of tart cherries almost every night. I have read that cherry juice is very good for arthritis sufferers. I would love to try the Cherry Lemonade!

  2. Yum! I discovered fresh cherries while visiting Turkey- they are crazy huge cherry eaters over there. Had cherry juice each morning for breakfast-I’ll have to try this out!


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