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You already know that we here at BVTMB love Boloco on Church Street.  We love them because they serve globally inspired burritos. That means you can get a Thai, or Tikka Masala, or Cajun, or Teriyaki burrito…what!!!  We love them because they use local farm to restaurant ingredients.  And now we love them for another reason altogether.

Boloco is addressing the whole ingredient transparency issue head on.  While many restaurants have shied away from such a controversial issue, Boloco is giving its guests a firsthand look at the ingredients that make up its’ menu with its new video series Culinary Investigation Assignment.  Recently the Boloco crew visited the plant where its tofu is made.  The company is called Vitasoy and is located in Massachusetts and you can view the CIA video here.


I know what you must all be thinking,”She knows a lot about Boloco and its ingredients.”  That would be strange for me to possess such random information.  No, I was told by our friends at People Making Good, located right here in Burlington.  They contacted me and told me about Boloco’s ingredient campaign because they are committed to promoting healthy brands and local businesses that are trying to make good.

So Michelle over at PMG told me all about Boloco’s Tofu CIA video.  On top of that she sent me a gift card to sample a tasty tofu burrito, a couple of coupons for some Nasoya tofu, and the recipe for Boloco’s seasoned tofu!  Score…here’s what I thought in 2 parts.

Part 1:  I tried the Summer Burrito with tofu and I actually thought it was quite delicious.  I’m a meat eater but do love tofu… if someone else cooks it.  I thought that the tofu was firm but not overcooked, seasoned nicely and yet didn’t overpower the other flavors in the burrito.  I’d definitely try it again.

Part 2:  I used the coupons Michelle sent me to purchase some Nasoya tofu at Hannafords.  I’ve never had much luck cooking tofu on my own so I usually don’t do it.  However, I was determined to get it right.  Following the recipe she gave me, I cooked up the tofu last night and to my surprise it came out great!  I made burrito bowls for my husband and me: lime cilantro rice, black beans, corn, tofu, salsa and some cheese on top.  It was delicious!  You definitely have to try it!


And guess what…you can do just that because Boloco on Church Street is giving away a gift card for 2 burritos and 2 drinks!  Sounds like a date night to me.  Enter the raffle below for your chance to win.

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  1. I, too, was intimidated by cooking tofu until I became a vegan. I loved ordering it out or purchasing it already prepared but those square packages I passed in the grocery store always scared me. After researching and experimenting, id say I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Your meal sounds great and I look forward to trying Boloco the next time I venture downtown. Thanks for the tip!


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